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Category: Sector Spotlight

15 Mar

Gamification, A Boat You Don’t Want to Miss? Find Out

Companies often tend to change their marketing strategies every now and then, if you wish to be on top of the food chain when it comes to marketing, this article might be apt for you.   People are slowly abandoning traditional marketing techniques and shifting to modern means of marketing, social media marketing being one of them. Gamification is a technique where you spice up the content...
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20 Feb

Brand Loyalty & Retention Rate Relationship

Brand loyalty increases customer retention rate. Customer retention rate is an important factor to determine business growth and strength. Brand loyalty and customer retention have an established relationship. The more the brand loyalty, higher the retention rate. Especially in digital marketing firms and internet marketing companies. Customers don't always purchase products from websites. These statistics support the statement above - 92% of consumers who visit a site...
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18 Jan

The Growth of the Healthcare Industry with Digitalization

Digital is transforming the way the world does business, and the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry is no exception. Both these industries are rapidly coming to terms with digital technology. New tech companies have started entering the market and existing players have had to up their game across marketing and operations.   Digital Marketing in the Healthcare Industry has significantly increased reach and provided the right message to...
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14 Dec

The Education Industry & SEO – A Modern Revolution

Have you been hearing a lot about SEO lately? We are here to shed some light on “Search Engine Optimization”, when your webpage, video etc organically/naturally appears on the top in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Search engines rank pages in a manner where the most relevant content appears first for the user. SEO does not involve any sort of paid promotions, eg:...
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17 Nov

The Digital Revolution in The Education Industry

Let’s go a little back in time; hundreds of years ago children would educate themselves via different means like self-directed plays and simple exploration.  Slowly classrooms were built and education started gaining importance. Today, education is evolving; digital marketing is playing a very important role in the Education Industry. Can you think of any reputed school or college which does not have a website or...
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12 Oct

Ways Travel Brands Can Improve the Customer Experience

As we all know, the travel industry is highly dependent on customer experience. Every company involved in the travel industry must ensure that its customers receive a satisfying service. In a survey conducted by DMA, about 59% of participants stated that they choose a travel company based on its value for money, while 58% choose a travel company based on the customer service. It is...
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23 Aug


E-commerce is one of the most efficient methods of generating sales. It makes buying and selling easier by making products available at your fingertips anytime that you want. E-commerce has numerous benefits ranging from the fact that it requires considerably less investment and set-up costs for the entrepreneur to 24-hour access and customization for the consumers. E-commerce websites problems, however, are often faced. Some of the...
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13 Jul

Generate B2B Leads through sponsored inmail

InMail is a one to one messaging service between users on LinkedIn. However, LinkedIn sponsored InMails are messages that get sent directly to the inboxes of targeted users. It is an additional advertising channel that can reach large target audiences with a branded message. As a business, InMail can help you generate leads with direct B2B marketing. InMail is typically more effective in lead generation...
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17 Jun

Why Your Business Needs an Explainer Video

An explainer video is a short video that businesses use to quickly introduce themselves, explain what they do, and explain how they can help solve their customer's’ problems. These short, succinct videos – which should generally be around 30-90s seconds in length – have begun to pop up on company websites, on emails and on social media. Whether it’s a complex idea or a creative...
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