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18 Jan

The Growth of the Healthcare Industry with Digitalization

Digital is transforming the way the world does business, and the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry is no exception. Both these industries are rapidly coming to terms with digital technology. New tech companies have started entering the market and existing players have had to up their game across marketing and operations.


Digital Marketing in the Healthcare Industry has significantly increased reach and provided the right message to the right patient at the right time. Healthcare Digital Marketing Agencies no longer have to guess what is working and not working for them since everything can be tracked and measured easily.


Digital Marketing In Healthcare Industry

Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai talk about the three areas of digital health that improve value and have the potential to reduce costs. They believe that medication adherence improves by digitizing, as they could get the patients to take their medication with the right dosage and at the right time. Secondly, digital diagnosis and prediction proves to be cost saving and is more helpful to the patients. Lastly, they believe digiceuticals is a great opportunity for digital in the healthcare industry. Digiceuticals is basically digital therapies that treat a patient for a condition instead of a traditional pharmaceutical solution.


A Healthcare Marketing case study conducted by MM&M shows that the greatest growth for pharmaceuticals is taking place in social media, mobile apps, and digital sales materials. Hospital providers are also shifting to digital means to promote to healthcare patrons. Another study conducted in the healthcare industry concludes to the following facts proving the impact of digitalization on the healthcare industry:

  1. 77% of patients use search engines prior to booking appointments.
  2. 44% of patients who research hospitals on a mobile device schedule an appointment.
  3. Before the moment of conversion, patients typically search for symptoms and condition terms online.


A digital marketing strategy for the Healthcare Industry is most efficient when it is achieved in a well-run way, where each element is in sync with each other.


Below are some strategies that could be implemented by healthcare industries to cope with the trend of digitalization.

  1. Creating a strong website for your practice, since patients online are always hunting for medical information.
  2. Centering the website around the patient; a strong digital healthcare site should be centered on the patient.
  3. Investing in a video is really helpful since people are far more likely to view a video than reading details.
  4. Leveraging patient-generated reviews proves to be useful, since patients today are relying more on patient-generated reviews.
  5. Develop fresh content and constant interaction. A study mentioned that 37% of health searchers are trying to learn more about conditions and diseases.


The healthcare industry has the potential to considerably surge their reach and effectively involve consumers with digital marketing tactics. By absorbing digital marketing into existing marketing plans, healthcare marketers can develop an understanding of consumers and patients to create targeted messaging and extend their reach across search, social media, and mobile.

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