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Category: Sector Spotlight

15 Aug

How Social Media Can Impact the Healthcare Industry

Benefits Of Social Media In Healthcare
In the recent past, social media has been making some big waves in the marketing industry. It’s easy to see why, with over 16% of the Indian population currently using social media, up from about 11% in 2014, and the numbers keep growing. But what is the impact of social media on healthcare? Sources say that over 40% of consumers claim that social media influences the...
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15 Jul

What You Can Learn from the B2B Digital Masters

B2B Social Media Marketing
More B2B brands turn to digital marketing every day, and for good reason. About 55% of B2B buyers use social media for information and they are 10% more likely to choose brands that have better recognition and connection with consumers. Thus, building consumer relevance is extremely important. A recent survey showed that the ten most socially connected brands have a revenue growth 31% higher than...
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16 Jun

What Digital Brings to B2B Marketing

B2B Content Marketing
Today, B2B marketing strategies are seeing a steady increase in the use of digital, and with good reason. Digital content marketing for B2B companies has proven to be far more effective than traditional advertising. The three best digital paths for brand building and lead generation are SEO, email marketing and social media, followed by other methods such as blogging and content marketing. However, with the...
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11 May

Making Your Email Marketing Strategy Student Friendly

In the 1990s, when emails were new, everybody was impressed by how quickly we could communicate with colleagues, clients, family and friends. Communication became easy, and Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks made a whole film about how exciting it was to receive notifications in your inbox. Today however, the scene has changed. We get around a dozen email notifications on our smartphones every day, and...
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5 Apr

4 Incredibly Inspiring Marketing Campaigns in Healthcare

The healthy living, fitness, and nutrition space is undergoing a massive growth spurt. The biggest change is that there are new ‘healthy lifestyle’ consumers who are hungry for resources and information. According to a Accenture study, which analyzed the performance of 17 of the world’s largest healthcare, fitness, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle brands over a five-year period, the consumer healthcare market is expected to grow to...
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8 Mar

The ‘Cool Classroom’ is now Social! Learn how Education Sector is Leveraging Social Media

Social Media, a key marketing platform for almost every industry trying to reach out to its respective target audiences, is the perfect platform for the Education Sector. Social Media in Education go hand in hand. With the abundant availability of its primary target audience, the Millennial, every Educational Organization is trying to make its mark on Social Media! So here are some compelling stats that...
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14 Feb

Secret to Influencer Marketing in HealthCare Sector

In the digital age, there is no greater tool at a marketer's disposal than influencer marketing. Done right, influencer marketing can communicate a brand's culture directly to a target audience in a real way. Why you need Influencer marketing in 2016? With rise and changing dimensions of social media marketing in 2016, marketers don't control the consumer journey anymore. Consumers form opinion about you, long before you...
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9 Jan

Pharma Marketers, Here’s the Prescription for Effective Pharma Digital Marketing

The rapid evolution of Digital Technology has made itself prevalent in almost every major industry today, including Pharmaceutical. Gone are the days when the traditional, medical sales rep would go knocking on a physician’s door to make a sale, which would be prescribed to the consumers. The remarkable shift in information source preference, be it the physicians or the consumers, and of course, the ‘Marketing...
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