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14 Dec

The Education Industry & SEO – A Modern Revolution

Have you been hearing a lot about SEO lately? We are here to shed some light on “Search Engine Optimization”, when your webpage, video etc organically/naturally appears on the top in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Search engines rank pages in a manner where the most relevant content appears first for the user. SEO does not involve any sort of paid promotions, eg: If you search “Marketing Agency”, you will get numerous options but the ones which have ‘Ad’, ‘Sponsored’ etc written alongside are the ones that are paid and appear on the top.


Digital marketing in education along with SEO has become a must. If you have been involved in the education industry even in the smallest capacity, you will notice what an important role digital marketing plays.


Digital media has changed the education industry as a whole which is driving even the most reputed institutes towards SEO, it’s an expensive but a required tool which  has to be done by educational institutes in this day and age.


Benefits of SEO for education sector –

  1. Two – thirds of parents and students searching for institutes for higher education use search engines as a primary source of information
  2. Around 93% students have access to the Internet and the average student spends about 3.5 – 4 hours daily on the internet (cell phones and computers included). This shows how the younger generation prefers to look things up online rather than traditional methods like physically checking with stores/institutes.
  3. A recent study found out that 91% of students use the internet to research about educational institutes.
  4. About 75 % students think that the internet is a complete source of knowledge, everything there is to know about an educational institute is available there.
  5. MOOC’s have really picked up over the past couple of years – Massive Online Open Courses from various third party websites, the most reputed one being Coursera. Lately, many educational institutes have started offering similar courses as well, all of it being digital.
  6. People often judge educational institutes based on their homepage and digital presence.
  7. SEO Rankings help you distinguish your school/university from other similar institutes.
  8. Around 93% online experiences begin with a search engine and not more than 75% look past the first page- this is the part where SEO plays a major role, it pushes your ranking up.
  9. A GE capital study showed that 83% people research online before making any sort of payment decision.
  10. About 85% of the admissions staff go online and use social media too!


Search Engine Optimization

Digital marketing services are changing the industry as a whole.

It is relatively easy to find a search engine optimization company in Mumbai but the tricky part lies in choosing the one for you. In the education industry, there is unprecedented competition when it comes to SEO, therefore it, would be advisable to opt for one of the best SEO companies in Mumbai.


Here are some tips to make SEO work better for your company-

  1. Publish Content that is relative to the keywords that you want to optimize. It is the primary resource that will drive your ranking up and there is no way around this. Although, it is advisable not to sacrifice good writing just for SEO.
  2. Regularly updated content is seen as one of the best indicators in the eyes of the search engine for relevancy to the user, updating content regularly is a good thing.
  3. Don’t use the ‘click here’ link on your page, add a relevant title which will optimize your page even further.
  4. Use alternative text descriptions, they allow the search engines to recognize and locate your page which is very important when it comes to SEO.
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