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17 Nov

The Digital Revolution in The Education Industry

Let’s go a little back in time; hundreds of years ago children would educate themselves via different means like self-directed plays and simple exploration.  Slowly classrooms were built and education started gaining importance. Today, education is evolving; digital marketing is playing a very important role in the Education Industry. Can you think of any reputed school or college which does not have a website or any sort of digital presence? The answer is probably NO.

Today we do not have to ask our children to hand over the notice or repeat any announcement made in school, all the information is available digitally most probably on their respective websites.

There are various digital marketing agencies in Mumbai and other metropolitan cities which provide services such as Google Ad words, content marketing, search engine optimization etc. which are major game changers in the education industry.

A digital marketing firm can really boost the overall service and customer experience involved with education.

There are various benefits of digital media in education

1. A study shows that 93% of students have access to the internet and the average time spent on it ranges from anywhere between 3.5 – 4 Hours per day (Includes computers and cell phones). The younger generation in India and most of the world is more welcoming to receive information via digital channels. On the other hand the Older Generations are still getting accustomed to it.

Education Industry Marketing Strategy

2. According to a study, 91% of the students in India use the Internet to research about their course or Educational Institute.

3. 75% students think that the internet is a complete source of educational information.

4. In the last few years we have seen a massive up-turn in different MOOC’s – Massive Online Open Courses from various third party websites, the most reputed one being Coursera. Lately many educational institutes have started offering similar courses as well, all of it being digital.

5. Digital Marketing is a cost effective process, you can generate quality leads at minimal cost. A Facebook campaign compared to a well-planned billboard campaign will give you a better reach towards your target audience since you can target exactly who you want to show your advertisement to and then the leads that are generated can be converted into sales.

6. Instant Feedback from clients is something any institute would appreciate; digital media provides this facility which can prove to be a great boon.

Digital Marketing services are not just changing the marketing aspect of education; it is changing education as a whole.

There are various digital marketing strategies that can be adopted by Educational Institutes to boost their brand image and covert leads into sales. You can run paid campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Google AdWords which will give you instant results. A quick response is always a good sign for the brand, with the help of digital media; institutes can give a quick and professional response to its clients.

Digital Media is revolutionizing the education sector at a rapid rate. Great customer journeys are an invaluable weapon in a marketer’s arsenal. Education, being such an important aspect worldwide, is flourishing due to its digital marketing trends. With a digital presence, the Education Sector can increase its scope and this, in turn, can be helpful for the youth, who have switched to the digital world for almost everything.

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