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13 Jul

Generate B2B Leads through sponsored inmail

InMail is a one to one messaging service between users on LinkedIn. However, LinkedIn sponsored InMails are messages that get sent directly to the inboxes of targeted users. It is an additional advertising channel that can reach large target audiences with a branded message. As a business, InMail can help you generate leads with direct B2B marketing. InMail is typically more effective in lead generation than traditional emailing. This is because it is sent in real-time and only to those users that are active at the moment. Also, multiple subscriptions flood email inboxes and your advertisement email may get lost among those. Sponsored InMail lets you select your target audience based on multiple parameters such as location, job title, skills, gender, company, etc. This ensures that your advertisements reach the intended audience. You can send sponsored InMail from your company’s LinkedIn profile, or from that of an employee.

Generation of business leads from LinkedIn sponsored InMails is easier because of its target feature. As an advertiser, you can select precisely which job title or field you wish to connect with, and gain direct access to them. B2B leads with LinkedIn sponsored InMail tend to be higher than those generated from sidebar advertisements or pop-up advertisements. This is because you get more copy space and direct attention of the user. When you can describe your point well enough, it tends to be more appealing and interesting for your audience.

However, you must keep your InMail promotion message simple and easy-to-read. Ensure that your message isn’t too long, or it will look like a generic advertisement or sales pitch and get overlooked by the receiver. The benefit of having a sponsored message that is sent straight to the target’s inbox when they are online is that they are highly likely to read it. It is primarily designed to help B2B companies reach the target audience directly and efficiently. This makes it immensely easier to put your point across and sell your idea. You can make your InMail message relative to the receiver, so you must try to incorporate that as well. According to LinkedIn themselves, 71% of buyers engage with InMails if the salesperson mentions specific information related to his/her current job.

One mistake that must be avoided when using LinkedIn sponsored InMail is building an efficient landing page. When the user clicks where you want him to follow on your InMail message, he will be directed to your landing page. This is where you display what you want to sell to them or make your point- basically where you convert your leads generated. Sponsored InMails don’t have a reply feature, so the receiver cannot have a conversation with you. The only lead they have is the landing page. Your landing page should be optimal and match what you claim in your InMail message.

If you know who your target audience is linkedin sponsored inmail leads generation is a definite go-to strategy to generate B2B leads in today’s digital world!!

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