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9 Jan

Pharma Marketers, Here’s the Prescription for Effective Pharma Digital Marketing

The rapid evolution of Digital Technology has made itself prevalent in almost every major industry today, including Pharmaceutical. Gone are the days when the traditional, medical sales rep would go knocking on a physician’s door to make a sale, which would be prescribed to the consumers. The remarkable shift in information source preference, be it the physicians or the consumers, and of course, the ‘Marketing Budget Crunch’, has made digital marketing in pharma an unmissable choice and the ideal answer for Pharmaceutical Marketers.

Why do Consumers Prefer Digital?

Domination of old media like magazines and newspapers in the news and entertainment world is quickly dwindling. Now most of the health care decisions is empowered by the Internet.
Through Search or Social Media content, such as blogs, message boards, chat rooms, online patient support groups and other networks, consumers are ‘hyper aware’ and are making their health care choices instantly. Patient online rating and reviewing of doctors, health insurance plans, hospitals, and prescription drugs is one of the fasting growing Health 2.0 activities – and is helping consumers to compare experiences and become more empowered in their personal healthcare decisions.

Are Doctors going Digital as well?

When it comes to content consumption, Doctors have acclimated themselves to advanced online activities, such as watching streaming video and listening to podcasts, at a much faster rate than consumers. Doctors are also catching the social media fever. Many are collaborating in online communities designed specifically for healthcare professionals.

Here are few basic Digital Marketing Strategies that you can implement right away:

Digital Marketing in Pharmaceuticals is not particularly new, but is an emerging marketing trend which is waiting to be tapped.
To make it easier, we have broken down the process of Pharma Digital Marketing into 4 components:

  1. The Reach
    • When Doctors are your TG
      • Through Interactive Advertising, by the means of online display ads to e-newsletter sponsorships to paid search ads, which provide immense marketing opportunities to reach physicians through alternate channels.
      • Activating paid search and search engine optimization strategies, as Physicians rely heavily on search engines when researching medical and pharmaceutical information online.
    • When Consumers are your TG
      • Through Search again, because it still is a major consumer driver to online health and pharmaceutical content – consumers start with search engines two-thirds of the time when looking for health information online.
      • Also, Video Content is a big hit when it comes to drawing their attention to yourpharmaceutical brand.
  2. The Acquisition
    • For the Doctors
      • Through variety of formats of content e.g. text, video or audio to appease the target, when they land on your website. If necessary, you can gauge which works best for you and eliminate the underperforming format, over a period of time.
      • By using online tools and content, which physicians prefer while interacting with your brand.
    • For the Consumers
      • By expressing ‘Call to Actions’ and compelling offers in your display advertising, which is a great way to drive the consumer to the website.
  3. The Conversion
    • For the Doctors
      • Through useful patient education materials, resources and prescription assistance program information on customer service portals to encourage physicians to use your brand’s support tools when interacting with consumers at the point of care.
    • For the Consumers
      • By providing a clear and intuitive process for consumers. If one of your brand goals is to have website visitors download a “Questions to Ask Your Doctor” worksheet, promote it throughout the site and make it apparent to consumers to follow through with the desired
  4. The Retention
    • For the Doctors
      • By offering uninterrupted Customer Support. Offer live video detailing, help desk via chat box, and online customer service reps to give physicians access to product information and support from at any time from the convenience of their computer.
    • For the Consumers
      • By offering multiple customer service touch points through websites, email, text messaging, message boards, blogs, and micro blogs as this will meet the communication preferences of today’s consumers.
      • Through Social media which is major a customer service enabler these days. Monitor blogs, message boards and Twitter to seek problems and questions before they are even reported to the company itself.

To conclude, pharma digital marketing trends are leading to better informed, more empowered patients, and are impacting physician-patient interactions.

We suggest it is time Indian Pharma Marketers shed their traditional ways and reassess how they reach and build relationships with their customers via digital marketing in pharma industry.

Interested in activating your Digital presence? Get in touch with Us – The Doctors of Digital Marketing.

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