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15 Jul

What You Can Learn from the B2B Digital Masters

B2B Social Media Marketing

More B2B brands turn to digital marketing every day, and for good reason. About 55% of B2B buyers use social media for information and they are 10% more likely to choose brands that have better recognition and connection with consumers. Thus, building consumer relevance is extremely important. A recent survey showed that the ten most socially connected brands have a revenue growth 31% higher than that of the ten least socially connected brands. When asked to cite their preferred social media platform for product launch, 81% of B2B companies mentioned LinkedIn, 71% cited Twitter, while 54% mentioned Facebook and YouTube.

If you’re wondering about the right approach to your B2B marketing campaign, there’s a lot of inspiration to be found. Here’s a look at some of the best in the various categories of B2B online marketing.

Think of your website as an opportunity to effectively tell your brand’s story and source new leads. Focus on providing a positive user experience and you’ll be well on your way. Keep the design minimalistic with clean and simple visuals, and subtle animation.

  • Mixpanel’s late 90s colour palette is offset by its modern, modular layout, giving it a clean but distinctly unique look. They’ve managed to strike the perfect balance of photos, graphics and text.
  • BambooHR’s site design is as organic as the brand name itself. With emphasis on people and their faces, great photography and bare minimal text add to its striking captivity.
  • SumAll’s site is a picture of space with its clean layout and large photos.

As with websites, less is more when it comes to blog design and layout. But that doesn’t mean skimping on the element of personality.

  • Mapbox’s layout is engaging, easy and enjoyable to navigate, presenting itself as a box grid of maps.
  • SquareUp reminds us of the importance of good visuals. Crisp photography sets the scene, while central text places you in the midst of all the action

Social Media Posts
Though B2B brands are marketing themselves to other brands, their social media strategy does not necessarily have to be dull and product focused. In fact, consumer-targeted posts can help get you noticed by other brands.

General Electric boasts some of the best B2B marketing campaigns and has been dubbed “the most exciting boring brand” for their approach to social media. With their playful yet informative content, they focus both on brand awareness and community engagement. They engage their audience with questions, images, videos and links on technology and innovation, with the occasional mention of the GE brand, of course.

B2B search engine marketing can be extremely beneficial if used right. The SEM campaign for B2B used by the software company, Marketo focuses on four keyword groups.

  • Company – Targeted at people who are specifically searching for your company, these include brand keywords or brand terms.
  • Category – The keywords here are aimed at people who are looking for solutions related to your products but might not be aware of your brand.
  • Content – These keywords are for people searching for industry related information like whitepapers or guides.
  • Compete – Focused on people looking to actively compare you against your competitors.

Tetrapak recently came out with a new package design. However, rather than talking about a package, their successful B2B marketing campaign focused on what millennials are thinking and buying, and how they offer a solution to meet those needs.
They sent out quirky, colourful mailers with a foldout that had an Instagram feel about it. This directed prospects to a separate portal which showcased product features and design concepts.

As the owner of a company, it’s up to you to choose the way you want to market your products and your brand. These are just a few good examples, of how B2B marketing works, and how to make the most of it.

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