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18 Jan

Trends of Digital Marketing in Automotive Industries

As the automotive Industry gets bigger day by day, and digital marketing takes over the world at a quick pace, it surely is a great decision to combine these two forces. Using digital marketing in the automotive industry is a great idea for the growth and success of the automotive brands.


When researching and purchasing products, the user behavior has moved and the use of digital media is continually increasing at a great pace.


Nowadays, a major amount of research before the actual buying happens online. Since it’s easy to find, people find all the specifications, compare products, and obtain everything they need to know about the car beforehand. We cannot stress enough on the importance of digital marketing in the automotive industry.


With new trends coming into the picture every day, here are some trends which digital marketing agencies in Mumbai should use in the automotive industry and which you should surely take a look at –


1. Video Sharing

Video continues to dominate social media after being a major marketing trend in 2017. As compared to pre-recorded videos, live streaming videos are watched 3 times longer. YouTube is one of the most influential tools for vehicle shoppers. 69 % of people who used YouTube while buying a car were influenced by it – more than newspapers, or magazines. Hence, evidently, this is a key marketing trend to the automotive industry.

While advertising videos, one needs to make sure that they are mobile friendly. Majority of the population who watch these videos are more inclined to checking them on their phone.


2. VIN Specific Campaigns

Digital Trends in Automative Industry

Have you ever shopped online and noticed ads following you around the internet with the same products you previously viewed or purchased??

With VIN Specific Facebook and Display Remarketing, you can follow shoppers around with ads that display vehicles they have already viewed on your website.

These tools can create high relevance for the ads, and do wonders in the marketing sphere.

VIN Specific Campaigns help you reach vehicle shoppers with information about specific vehicles which you choose to display. These campaigns can be used for paid search or Facebook/display remarketing. By using the data management system to match specific car information to a search or vehicle shopper, you’ll be able to provide relevant content to in-market shoppers – this is how you’ll rise on top of your marketing in 2018.


3. Social Media

The constant evolution in the world has led to a sharp increase in the usage of social media. Thus, social media marketing is always a good idea.

Many of the best digital marketing companies in Mumbai believe that you can increase the engagement and views (reach) of posts, pages, ads, campaigns and more, by serving quality social media content. (Whether you share it organically or run ads). They are true in every sense, since the entire marketing industry is moving to social media and digital marketing at a great pace.

On social media, the goal is to convince the buyer to purchase a particular brand car. It is not to make the end sale. Remember the main goal of automotive digital marketing and work towards tempting the employee to purchase the car from a store.


4. Mobile Marketing
According to surveys and research, if your marketing isn’t tailored to mobile users, you’ve already lost the 18 percent of vehicle shoppers who only use mobile devices and the 53 percent of vehicle shoppers who use multiple devices.

Geo-Fencing allows dealers to greet customers wherever they are and send nearby shoppers notifications about sales and inventory when they are active in your specific area.

As you can see, these various Digital Marketing trends in the automotive industry can change the face of marketing and can result in an increase in sales in the automotive industry. So if you haven’t yet gone digital, what are you waiting for?

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