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18 Jan

How AR and VR impacts Education and Business

Learning has evolved over the years, from reading textbooks to ‘googling’ the things you want to know about. More and more information is available for people to consume than they could ever ask for. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented reality (AR) have emerged as modern ways of channeling information to the audience in a more interactive and user-friendly manner. Instead of just reading or viewing, a user can now virtually interact with the surroundings, have a 360-degree look of a particular place or even experience different places and cultures just by sitting in one place.


Capabilities of VR and AR have evolved over time and being in their early stages of development, they have a large vacuum for invention and innovation.


One of the largest vacuum to be filled is the one in the education sector. Schools and universities have started using augmented reality apps for education, which has enabled them to virtually view different places, animals and things in a 3D structure instead of just an image. It enables learners to interact with the virtual object and makes learning more engaging and impactful. The simplest example of augmented reality in education is when Apple integrated the technology in its phones where users could find out the name of a constellation just by pointing their camera towards a group of stars. This simple task enables users to get a good learning experience with minimal effort on their part.


Augmented Reality In Education

Similarly, virtual reality in education offers benefits that could only be imaginable a couple of years ago. The Trinity University is allowing students to go on a virtual tour of the college just by wearing a VR headset and inserting a smartphone inside it. Students can select a particular location inside the college and then just by using the VR headset they can experience the campus in real time. Isn’t it crazy how VR is being used as such an effective means of digital marketing for education?


Well, AR and VR also open up a new horizon for business and marketing. A number of brands have started utilizing these technologies to gain profit and user attraction. Even the top 10 digital marketing agencies in India will have an obligation to expand their operations in the AR and VR space to keep their clients happy and updated with the latest trends. Navtek Solutions is one such digital agency in Mumbai which offers AR and VR solutions to brands. One of the services offered by them to real estate businesses includes a 3D simulation of the actual project that is being constructed by the realtor. This would enable customers to view a 360-degree view of the site layout, floor plan, amenities like swimming pools and clubhouse, or would even allow them to take a virtual walk along the path of the building. All this is possible for a person sitting anywhere and having a device which can handle AR operations.

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