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17 Nov

Top Automotive Companies Which Provide Innovative Customer Experience

Customer Satisfaction and good customer experience are the primary goals of any brand. It brings goodwill to the brand name, and more people end up purchasing the product. A good customer experience means that the customer is not only satisfied with the product and service he received but his/her expectations are surpassed and he/she is delighted with what he/she experiences.

Many digital agencies in Mumbai which are associated with automotive brands are now majorly focusing on maximizing customer satisfaction through innovative customer experience campaigns.

In the automotive industry, brands often have a standard customer experience. This is the reason why certain brands who take a different route especially to maximize customer experience stand out from the lot. A digital marketing company can often help making an innovative change through various kinds of campaigns. Here are a few automotive brands customer experience examples –

1)Tesla – The first name that comes to mind when one talks about automotive customer experience is Tesla.

In addition to making really cool cars, Tesla has adopted an innovative direct-to-consumer model for selling them.

Everyone is aware that the typical car buying experience is a lengthy and tedious one. That’s why a new approach that puts customers first is a real threat to “business as usual” in the automobile sales business. Customers are always looking for something convenient, and Tesla is the first one to take this approach and provide them with the maximum comfort.

90% of issues of Tesla car models can be identified from a customer’s garage. Tesla has built a service network to send mobile technicians to customers. For issues that require a customer to bring a car into a Tesla service center, customers will soon be able to schedule an appointment directly through their car’s console.

According to Elon Musk, the lowest percentage approval rating Tesla has received in public surveys in regard to their direct sales approach is 86%.

2) Porsche Passport – Everyone has a dream car. Bentley, Mercedes, Porsche, Maserati are some of the cars that come to one’s mind while thinking of luxurious or fast sports cars. Porsche’s online marketing agency has started an initiative to make the Porsche lovers dreams come true through a new campaign known as Porsche Passport. Yes, the people who cannot afford a Porsche have a chance to rent one! Through their new app named ‘Porsche Passport’, customers can now rent a Porsche for the span of a month. Priced at around 2000$ a month, it may sound a little expensive, but it includes taxes, insurance and maintenance. This initiative is solely to provide an innovative customer experience to people who may not be able to afford this luxury sports car due to its relatively high price.

Automotive Customer Experience

3) FordPass – It is a digital platform that can change the way automakers and consumers interact.  Ford is now offering FordPass as a way for customers to get an experience they never thought as possible. Ford released FordPass to bring customers innovative mobility services. The app offers customers a range of mobility services including: allowing them to control their vehicle remotely, easily find parking and set their preferred Ford dealer.

With this platform, Ford aims at maximizing customer experience and provide them satisfaction.

4) Hyundai – Prime Now Drive Now – Car dealerships can be a big nightmare. Hyundai came up with an excellent innovative idea as a remedy to this. Hyundai and Amazon have partnered up to let customers order test drives of the Hyundai Elantra, right from Amazon’s website. This lies under the umbrella of Amazon’s same-day delivery service and it’s basically a way to schedule test drives in advance.

Many digital agencies in Mumbaiwhich are associated with automotive brands are now majorly focusing on maximizing customer satisfaction through innovative customer experience campaigns. Everyone has eventually realized that innovative customer experience is a major boost to a company.

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