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18 Jan

Marketing automation trends you need to follow!

Traditional marketing automation was simple and did not require a lot of attention and effort. Earlier people would send email blasts, receive leads and leave the rest to their sales team. Although now we have taken a step up, marketers are asked to drive the consumer experience which has compelled them to take a more sophisticated approach.


According to SiriusDecisions, “Some 85% of B2B marketers using marketing automation platforms feel that they’re not harnessing their full potential”


If you understand and adopt the latest marketing trends it can prove to be a leap forward towards your marketing goals! It can make the larger firms climb to the top and the underachieving firms meet their business goals. Some of marketing automations latest trends are mentioned below-


  1. Account Based Marketing-

Account based marketing is a highly personalized and dynamic form of marketing. This is normally used to enhance the quality of communication with customers. It also assists in identifying the right approach of communication. B2B Marketing automation helps ABM developers to create personalized marketing campaigns with the help of user generated data; this gives the personalized touch to all your important clients!


  1. Content Marketing alongside Marketing Automation.
B2B Marketing Automation Trends

Content that is informative normally leads to an organic incline in potential leads. You can display this content through various channels like social media, newsletters, etc. This is when B2B content marketing comes into play! Marketing automation records the results of past campaigns and measures the data of a specific demographics to point out where and when should the content be shared with the target audience.


In 2014, nearly 70% of marketers were using marketing automation tools and over the year this number has just increased. As of 2017 90% marketers use or are implementing marketing automation tools!


Companies are spending more and more each year on automated marketing, a study indicates that these figures are increasing by 20% every year!


IAB estimates that the spends will grow to over 80% by 2020.


You can approach a digital marketing agency to avail these services! Even the best digital marketing agency in India will be using marketing automation tools as it has become a must in today’s day and age!

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