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Category: Start-up Secrets

18 May

Leveraging the Power of Digital Media for Employer Branding

In this digital era, team building has transitioned a lot. However, most companies/Startups are not leveraging social media to augment their HR strategies. With social media being such an integral part of everyone’s life, personally and professionally, companies have the opportunity to explore ways to leverage social media platforms to increase employer branding. Companies could be going a step ahead in the hiring process by showcasing the...
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25 Feb

3rd Digital Marketing Sin by Start-ups

This is perhaps a ‘sin’ committed by the ‘savvy-entrepreneur’. The one that knows the power of social media, has dabbled in it in the past and understands – to some extent on the utility value to her brand. Such an Entrepreneur may commit this sin unknowingly, but unfortunately a great many of them commit it with all good intentions. They believe that they “got this”...
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20 Jan

2nd Digital Marketing Sins by Start-ups

Marketers work hard, create better pages and faster websites, at the same time focus on the competitors and their moves. When it comes to Google Ads, the more money it makes, the more Google answers queries inside the SERPs, or guides users to advertisements instead of organic listings. Unfortunately, this makes it far easier for those who rely on Google's organic search traffic as a...
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21 Dec

1st Digital Marketing Sin by Start-up’s!

You can "talk the talk" but can you "walk the walk?" What this tries to explain in a silly sort of way, is a not so silly, 1st "Sin" committed by most start-ups - Strategy & Ideas, without Execution Experience. A Startup is cool, fun, and exciting. It provides a range of possibilities to the founding team on how to acquire, retain, and re-market to customers....
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27 Nov

7 Deadly Digital Sins for Start-Up Marketing

Startups are risky, but exciting. They are painful, but a great learning experience. Building a succesful startup means minimising risks and avoiding the mistakes made by other startups. One among the many areas of a startup’s journey is the way it builds its brand – especially online. Here is a list of the most common Digital Marketing mistakes OR, as we like to call it, “Sins” committed...
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