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22 Jul

What Drives Your Digital Marketing Strategy, Metrics or Gut?


You must have read the 7 Digital Marketing Sins by Startups, keep reading to know more about the 5th Marketing Sin! Ever wonder What Drives Your Digital Marketing Strategy? Metrics or Gut?
Currently, digital marketing is on a roll, as it provides masses of data, which can be easily tracked with the help of different analytic tools. Every activity can be measured and documented. Marketers used to be recognized for their intuition and innovation. However, marketing has changed throughout time. As the result, digital marketers are being held to even higher standards in terms of demonstrating a measurable return on investment and justifying brands expenditures.

What is important DATA or GUTS?

Previously the basis of a marketing campaign was good market research which includes a questionable hypothesis. However, in the current scenario, due to the availability of qualified analytic tools, marketers’ gut doesn’t simply cut, like it used to.

Marketing analytics and big data aren’t a fad; they’re science. As marketers, we now have data to answer a lot of queries, which we couldn’t answer earlier, as the basis of everything was the “gut” feeling.

How to improve your Digital Strategies with DATA?

With an influx of data at your disposal, your marketing efforts can be improved in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Gather data that define your ideal target audience.
  • Utilize tools such as Google Analytics, which defines your website traffic.
  • Use Analytics, to understand your audiences’ area of interest on your website.
  • Identify what content is more engaging to your audience and build on the same.
  • Know what type of message is effective by running A/B testing on different platforms.

Should your GUT be completely ignored?

Marketers gut feelings should not be completely ignored, however, there should be a right balance of intuition and the data. This can help in the execution of a successful marketing strategy.

Accurate data may help you focus and assess your digital marketing activities, while creativity helps you come up with fresh ideas. Research and statistics are meaningless unless they are put into action by a marketing team’s creative efforts.


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