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18 May

Leveraging the Power of Digital Media for Employer Branding

In this digital era, team building has transitioned a lot. However, most companies/Startups are not leveraging social media to augment their HR strategies.

With social media being such an integral part of everyone’s life, personally and professionally, companies have the opportunity to explore ways to leverage social media platforms to increase employer branding.

Companies could be going a step ahead in the hiring process by showcasing the company culture instead of just posting job ads. This provides potential candidates with a better insight into your company and where they will be working.

Here are some essential strategies to help you get the most of your HR strategies and target suitable candidates.

  • Promote your Talent Pool

Social media makes building and promoting the talent pool easy for a company. It enables the companies to promote across multiple social media accounts. However, they need to make sure that they do not spam the audience, ideally, limit them to once or twice a month.

  • Share content on multiple platforms

The importance of content in marketing is a well-known fact. It plays an essential role in building a prominent employer brand. In order to reach more people and stay relevant, companies need to explore different platforms.

Facebook is one of the most cardinal platforms with over 2.23 billion active monthly users, but sharing content on multiple platforms like Linkedin, Instagram, etc., helps in reaching a wider and unique audience.

  • Checklist for posting job ads
  1. Link your social media accounts to your career page and job ads

In the current times, almost every company has a social media account. But it is important to link them to your career page and job ads.

This helps potential candidates understand more of ‘who we are’ and receive updates of all your content.

  1. Post job ads on LinkedIn and Facebook

In terms of job-hunting, many people have transitioned from old traditional ways to the new digital ways. Now, instead of visiting offices and mailing the HR, people prefer finding jobs with just one click. Platforms like Facebook and Linkedin have made this easier.

So companies need to utilise the option of creating and posting job ads on these platforms to reach their pertinent target group.

  1. Share jobs in relevant groups

Social media also offers the groups option, which is very helpful for the company. They can promote their employer branding and get in touch with applicants through these groups.

However, before promoting your content on any group, it is essential that you understand the target group and determine if it is relevant to you. To interest the people of the group, it is better to skim through the previous posts to understand what will work.

  • Showcasing office culture on Social Media

While posting a job ad you may have often mentioned key areas of work as “able to work with a team” or “coordinate with multiple teams to achieve a common goal”.

But do you actually showcase this “team” or the office culture?  Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn is a great tool to show office culture by posting real-time photos and videos of how current employees are in the office. This helps the potential applicants relate to and identify with your company.

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