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22 Jul

Know all about Facebook Ad Review Process

Paid content that appears on Facebook apps and services such as Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and the Audience Network is what Facebook Ads is. Today, all Businesses and consumers use Facebook services, hence, marketers should understand Facebooks policies and their enforcement system.

How to create Ads on Facebook?

Marketers & Advertisers can create ads from within Ads Manager or from their Page. They can also use the current content into marketing in different placements, such as Instagram posts, videos, Facebook Live streams, Marketplace items, and more.

How to determine your Ad Objective?

It is very important for marketers & advertisers to determine their Campaign or Ad Objective to run any Ads within their Ad Account. Objective of an Ad can be as simple as Brand Awareness & Engagement to Lead Generation.

What is the role of Facebook Policy in running Ads?

It is given, that Ads should be created keeping in mind about Facebook Policy. In addition to the Community Standards, Facebook expects marketers to follow its Advertising Policies. The Facebook Community Standards Guidebook outlines what is and isn’t permitted on the platform, and it applies to all forms of content, including advertisements.

Facebook Ads Policy (

What is Facebook Ad Review Process?

All ads are reviewed by Facebooks Ad review system before they go live, to apply their Advertising Policies to the millions of ads that run across their apps. This system mostly depends on automated algorithms. While their review process is mostly automated, they rely on their internal team to develop and train these systems, as well as manually examine Ads in selective circumstances.

Facebook Ads Review Process (

Ad reviews are usually finished within 24- 48 hours, they sometimes take longer, and ads can be evaluated again after they’ve gone live. An ad is either rejected or allowed to appear based on the results of the evaluation. If an ad is rejected, the advertiser has the option of creating a new ad (either with fresh ad creative or by amending the rejected ad) or requesting a second review if they believe their ad was inappropriately rejected.

To have a successful and seamless Ad Campaign it is necessary for marketers to understand Facebook’s Ad Policy and create Ads accordingly, this will expedite the process of Ad review and eliminate the efforts of manual review.

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