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11 Nov

Tips to use Video Marketing for maximum customer engagement

There many digital marketing strategies available today to promote your business online. However, choosing the right digital marketing platform to increase customer engagement on your brand is of utmost importance. Video marketing is even being used by the best digital marketing agencies in India. There are multiple reasons how video marketing can help your business.

Here’s how you can use video marketing to your advantage:

Using Videos to Resonate with Customers

The basic and the most important factor to take into consideration before promoting your brand on any platform is to identify your target audience, what their demographic is among other things. Secondly, your videos need to reflect what your customers are looking for. Or if they have any queries, provide a solution to their problems. Your videos will provide a visual presentation of your product or brand so you can include the features of your product, what you have to offer and how you’re different from other similar products. This is one of the reasons why video marketing  is so powerful.

Using Videos to boost your Marketing ROI

People today don’t have much time in hand and reading a long description about the features of a product on a blog is not something they would spend time on. Hence, there are more chances of a video doing great in terms of customer reach.  You can add a link that directly goes to your website. You can also add relevant keywords in your video tags so that you’re videos appear on the of the page on Google. This improves SEO.

Producing Successful Videos on a Small Budget

Many marketing teams are intimidated by video production because they fear that it will cost a lot with very less returns. However, it’s not really the case. As long as your message is clear and goes across your customer base, you’re good to go. There are many benefits of video marketing for business and for that you don’t need a full-fledged production team with expensive equipment; in today’s world when everybody owns a smartphone, anybody can create a good video if they have the skills. You can start with making videos about product descriptions by creating animated videos using a number of software available online. You can also make videos about testimonials by contacting your previous customer, this won’t cost much and will also be very effective on your sales.

Tips to use Video Marketing for maximum customer engagement

Five ideas for traffic boosting video content:

There are various types of videos you can make, especially on a low budget but you also have to keep a check of whether those type of videos are capable of generating leads to your website. For instance, a person just describing the product or the services you offer doesn’t cost much but can also get mundane.

Here are 5 video content ideas to boost your traffic:


As mentioned earlier, you can answer queries your customers might have regarding your brand or the product in your videos. This will show your concern to your customers, that you care about their needs and their doubts. Or you can also answer some general questions that people might have which is a great way of catching attention of those who are just browsing.


There are articles that talk about a list of things you can do for saving money or something similar. You can curate a list of things related to your brand or the industry and make content for your video. These types of articles usually interesting and in video form, they will become even more interesting.

Curated Video Newsletters:

There is another way you can use video marketing to your advantage without actually having to produce your own videos. You can curate a number of videos from platforms like YouTube or Facebook that are related to your industry or brand and send them weekly or daily to your email subscribers. This way, you’ll be able to get people to visit your website and won’t have to spend money or time on creating your videos. Don’t forget to give the original creator their due.

Product Reviews:

You can create videos of customers reviewing your product or as mentioned above, get testimonials as content for your videos. This will definitely increase the customer engagement on your website as people today don’t buy anything without checking up reviews of the product.

Killer Content:

Content is the key. You are going to be able to drive people to your website is if they see your video and like it. And for people to watch your video, your content needs to be killer. There are a number of things that are mentioned above that you can use to make your videos stand out. Along with those, you can make videos about the behind the scenes of the stuff that goes down in making your videos or your products. Customer love to get an up close insight into a company. You can also create instructional or educational videos that can be helpful for the customers.

In conclusion, video marketing is an essential tool that can help generate a lot of traffic on your website. Almost all of the top 10 digital marketing agencies in India make use of video marketing in order to generate leads and customer engagement which shows the importance of video marketing for your business.

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