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11 Nov

How to use IGTV for your Business?

Instagram recently announced its new feature called IGTV that allows users to upload vertical, long form videos on its native app or on its standalone app named IGTV.

This new feature enables social marketing companies to connect with their existing audience as well as reach out to new kinds of audiences.

Here are some ways to use IGTV for business that are recommended by top social media marketing agencies  of the tech world:

  1. Reach a new audience with previously published video content

One of the many  benefits of using IGTV for business is that this platforms provides the ideal opportunity to give a new life to previously uploaded content. IGTV enables users to repurpose horizontal videos uploaded on Facebook and Youtube as well as repurpose blogs by uploading then in the form of short videos.

Once the repurposed videos have been uploaded, it is essential to understand and gauge how the audience reacts to these videos so that meaningful content can be created in the future easily.

  1. Build a Niche Audience with Exclusive Content

Audiences love to view content that is not only authentic but also engaging. Sharing exclusive content such as behind the scenes, event coverages etc. will help businesses build a dedicated audience for IGTV.  The companies can connect with the users by frequently uploading appealing content that showcases snippets about the daily activities at the workplace.

  1. Deliver Tutorial Videos to Highlight Product Features
How to use IGTV for your Business

Another excellent way of using IGTV for business would be to introduce products or services via concise educational videos on the app. To take it up a notch, upload videos that encourage users to follow what you are doing in real time such as hosting make-up tutorials, cooking demonstrations, home repairs etc.

  1. Develop Community with a Recurring Show

IGTV is considered to be a modern replacement to the classic idiot box (tv), therefore companies can use IGTV for business by sharing content on a periodic basis. Uploading content on a regular schedule will create a sense of consistency and will encourage your audience to keep coming back to your channel.

  1. Host Q&A or AMA Sessions to Engage Directly with Customers

Additionally, answering questions and providing useful information to your audience can be a great way to increase engagement. Businesses can use IGTV as an effective Instagram marketing strategy to improve their position in the minds of the customer by resolving popular customer queries.

IGTV is a platform that provides  businesses with an opportunity to connect with new audiences as well as maintain the interest and engagement of the existing audience. The several ways mentioned above can be used to create and upload engaging video content to attract a mass following for your Instagram account.

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