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21 Aug

5 need to know tools for lead generation through social media

With so much content being produced today, using the right content marketing strategy that works effectively for generating leads has become vital. Creating engaging content is one of the most powerful technique in the social media marketing industry. The Digital Marketing industry is heavily saturated with companies creating and putting out robust and appealing content to attract customers and also potential clients. Therefore, it’s important to have a compelling social media content marketing strategy, not just to support customer acquisition but also to generate leads.

Here are some lead generation tips for social media channels:


It’s certain that your content has to be appealing and engaging to the customers but how to attract potential business prospects?

Your content should be robust and relevant to the customers, they should be tailored around who your target audience is and where their interests lie. Your content should be the solution to their problems, this shows them that you understand and care about their concern. When you post content consistently, buyers go through them thoroughly before deciding whether to buy your service or product.

Other ways to develop an effective social media lead generation strategy is by creating interesting videos related to your service or brand, writing post that are fast and easy to read. Further, optimizing relevant articles for SEO will also increase the number of viewers on the website.


Video marketing is another effective component of Digital marketing for B2C marketers, because videos are a visual way to showcase your product/ service. Your videos need to be short of about 1-2 minute long since nobody likes to watch long videos that take up too much time, you should also insert subtitles, making it easier for those in the workplace to watch it. Another smart strategy is to make videos that are action based and not someone talking and giving information throughout which can get boring. Addressing an issue that your customers might have and providing a solution to it can be an excellent way of grabbing your viewer’s attention. Make sure your videos have a link to your website to make it easier for the customers.

5 need to know tools for lead generation through social media


LinkedIn is another lead generation social media platform where you can connect to prospective clients. It has a great feature where you get to search for people and companies based on industry. However, joining relevant groups, that your customers are in, is a rather effective way of attracting clients. What follows next is having a strong profile which is very important. Replying to relevant questions or concerns of the users is an effective way to attract attention to your page. In- your- face promotions should be avoided, it can create a bad impression. You should also regularly post relevant content on the group that will be useful to the members.


According to Forbes, around 57% of the internet traffic that is heading to your website is through smartphone and tablets and you’re missing out on the 57% if you’re ignoring mobile optimization. This doesn’t mean you should ignore desktop optimization but they’re traffic is decreasing day by day. Make sure your website is easy to navigate through on a smartphone and is easy on the eye of the reader. Intrusive ads on the website can be annoying to the reader and can drive the away.


Automated marketing is another important and effective element in the social media marketing industry. According to survey, automation and retargeting brings about 50-60% of conversion. Playing with the psyche of the customer and retargeting them on other forms of social media after they’ve shown interest has proved to be very effective. Email marketing, though one of the old techniques is still highly active for lead generation. If used correctly, it’s a very powerful medium to stay in touch with your prospects. There are many marketing automation platforms and retargeting platforms to help you be on top of your game.

All of these tactics have proved to be of use for lead generation as well as social media content marketing, experimenting with these will show you the results. Along with these, conferences, trade shows are also useful for generating leads. The beauty of social media marketing is that you can target your favorable audience and using the above mentioned tools will give you a peak performance.

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