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21 Aug

How to use Instagram Stories properly for Marketing

Ever since Instagram launched its Stories feature in August 2016, it was instantly loved by the audience. This January, there were more than 500 million active users of the Instagram stories feature. This introduction of stories by Instagram has changed the marketing strategies of companies as well as digital marketing agencies drastically over the last few years. This Instagram stories marketing strategy helps brands to engage with users, humanize their brands, create leads, and generate customers on the platform itself. We can see a lot of digital marketing companies in Mumbai also market the brands they represent using this said strategy.

Let’s see how you can use this feature as one of the Instagram marketing strategies for your business:

  1. How to take advantage of the polls feature:

 Polls provide a way to get feedback about a brand from the customers. Alongside, it gives them a feeling that the brand is empowering them.

For example, if you are a clothing company, you can ask them which colour of your newest collection do they prefer. That way, it encourages them to go and buy the colour variant they chose from the poll.

  1. Using the “Swipe Up” feature:

 The “Swipe Up” feature allows users to add links to their Instagram stories. This helps companies generate direct leads, as the only thing the user has to do is swipe up and the user is sent directly to the landing page (Your Instagram account, website, etc.)

  1. Using Digital Storytelling to tell your brand’s story:

 Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell – Seth Godin

According to studies, storytelling boosts conversions by 30% when used to answer customer questions.

You can post stories showing the interesting history of a brand, behind the scenes photos and videos, etc. This increases the authenticity of the brand as well as keeps the viewers interested.

  1. Increase CTAs by using text overlay:

 CTAs such as swipe up, learn more, etc. are at the bottom of the screen in Instagram Stories, which makes them small and very easy to miss. By using an overlay text, and writing your CTA in a bigger format, you can make them much more visible and this can have a big impact on the actions taken by the viewers.

  1. Using Instagram takeovers to promote your brand:

 There are two ways in which an Instagram takeovers work. Either an influencer takes over the brands Instagram account or vice-versa. Before the takeover, the brand as well as the influencer constantly remind their followers of this event. While doing such social media marketing case studies, we found out that a brand called BarkBox constantly holds such takeovers where it lets all other dog influencer pages on Instagram to take over their account for a day. During such stories they, they feature the BarkBox products that their users can buy, making it a fun way to introduce the users to your existing as well as new products.

  1. Using Instagram Stories for placing ads

 In January 2017, Instagram launched the feature of posting ads in Stories. Since then, the ads grew by 28% in just six months. Within a year, the ads doubled. A photo ad lasts for 10 seconds whereas a video ad lasts for 15 seconds. When ads run on stories, the viewers initially don’t realise that they are seeing them as they flow smoothly as the user transitions from one story to the next. Also, Instagram uses Facebook’s advertising platform. Thus, you can target your desired audience easily.

Instagram Stories have unique storytelling abilities as well as a strong conversion rate. You can take advantage of such high engagement rate to further build your brand. Most of the Digital Marketing companies in Mumbai are also making use of this feature and you should use it too. Also, don’t forget to track the engagement as well as the conversions of your Instagram Stories. You can use tracking URLs, customised coupon codes, etc. to track the performance of your Instagram Stories.

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