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16 Sep

SEO content marketing for fitness industry

If you are relatively new to the world of SEO Content Marketing, SEO basically refers to search engine optimization. It also refers to a process of optimizing a website that people search for via search engines like Google, Bing, etc. SEO strategies for fitness and health websites are essential.By content, we mean any information that exists on the web and is consumed by web users. To summarize, SEO content is any content that is created for achieving the end result of creating search engine traffic.

Organic search engine traffic is a stream of relevant traffic which is a non-paid search and simply refers to the search that has been typed by any web user on the Internet. For example, if any user searches for “A gym in Delhi” on Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine, the search engines will process this query and give in the most relevant results which will be related to the place where you reside and give you suggestions of all the gym near to your residence.As invasive as it may sound, Google does a keep track of everything you do through the help of the searches that you must have made in your past.

Paid searches may also boost your company name when you buy Google ads, Bing ads, Yahoo ads, etc.

SEO Content Marketing is of growing importancein the Fitness Industry as well. Usually, people type in “Health and Fitness Gyms in their city” and google will give the best search results to the user. However, these keywords are used by a lot of other gyms as well and as a result, these keywords become very common. In order to stand out, one must find keywords that make them stand apart from the crowd by focusing on those services that are specifically given by the gym, for example, has a very large space to take extra activities like spinning, functional training, etc.

Keyword search plays a very important role in the content marketing for the Fitness Industry.


Things to do for effective SEO marketing for Fitness Industry:

a. Local SEO: If you want to optimize your website locally and is targeted towards reaching the local audience, it is important for the local shops to optimize their geographical area to make visitors visit their shop in reality. This is called Local SEO. In reference to the fitness industry, it is important for the fitness and the health centers to optimize their geographical presence locally and attract the local members.

b. Optimize the website: It is very important to optimize the website as well, so that whenever one searches for “fitness centers near you” on any search engine like Google your company should be in the top 10 of the search engine result pages.

c. Keyword Research: Keyword research also plays a vital role in the marketing of the fitness industry. It is important for the health centers to have some unique keywords that relate to the services that they offer differently in comparison to the other health centers in order to stand apart. For e.g. having services exclusively for people above 50.

d. Content Marketing: The written content in the fitness industry falls into any of these three areas:

  • Educational
  • Inspirational
  • Instructional
Healthcare Digital Marketing

Whether you want to know why salmon is a good source of protein or how to properly do a bicep curl, you can find an article about it online.

The fitness industry is very much involved with their interaction with the other health enthusiasts and fitness fans on the various social media platforms. From Facebook pages to Instagram hashtags, you will find all sorts of fitness related communities on social media. The fitness industry focuses on content creation as well as its distribution. Hence, a lot of healthcare advertising agencies came up with engaging and attractive fitness digital marketing strategies and health and wellness marketing strategy.


In conclusion, according to a lot of healthcare marketing case studies and other marketing case studies content marketing has been claimed as very essential for any marketing strategy, it is as vital for the fitness industry to focus on this aspect as well. However, it was important for the fitness industry to show their credibility amongst the sea of dodgy competitors who come up with fad diets, weight loss pill, etc. It was also necessary for them to show their loyalty to their existing member as well as the future ones which could only be done by creating content and distributing it to the right target audience.

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