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11 Apr

5 Reasons why your alcohol business needs to go Digital

Doesn’t everyone always want a piece of the pie?  Some of the big players in the alcohol industry have partnered with social media firms, making a major chunk of their marketing digital. Heineken works in partnership with Google, Facebook, and Twitter, spending over a quarter of its marketing budget on digital media. Branded alcohol digital campaigns are a boat you might want to hop onto.

The alcohol industry has always faced a lot of hurdles from regulatory bodies, needless to say, there are regulations that need to be followed while going digital as well. Fortunately, social media helps us overcome these barriers in a very smooth and efficient manner.

You can accurately target people who are 21 years and older, you can target people who have shown interest in your product which makes sure your advertisement is being shown to the relevant audience.


Why should you choose digital marketing over traditional advertising?

  1. Reach

Social Media can reach massive audiences on a global scale. Alcohol brands have millions of followers and fans online. Heineken’s global partnership with Google led to a sharp increase in their Youtube activity and engagement. On the other hand, traditional advertising can reach very limited relevant people and yes, it’s not pocket-friendly.


  1. Targeting

Social Media platforms use algorithms that classify their users into various data pools; they keep a track of user behavior and categorize them based on their interests. This enables marketers to hit the sweet spot while running advertisements. Not only do social media platforms help you pick demographics, they also let you target people according to their interests. Of course we cannot avail these luxuries while running traditional marketing campaigns.


  1. Interaction

Communication plays a vital role in brand building activities. What better platform than Social Media for consumer engagement and interaction? Here, your audience is not just a passive recipient, they actively engage with the brand.


  1. User-Generated Content

Often we see the younger generation active on social media platforms with user-generated content. There is always a share, tweet, comment etc that is showing up in your account. Alcohol marketers create content they know people will really want to share with their friends and family. This strain of marketing always goes ‘under the radar’. It’s free of cost marketing for the brand, and it definitely reflects on the company’s balance sheet at the end of every quarter.


  1. Real World Tie-ins

Alcohol companies tie up with various events, especially when there are artists performing at music festivals, other than that they also tie up with multiple sports and cultural events. This enables the audience to post/talk about the event which generates user content that enhances the brand as a whole.


Alcohol Digital Marketing Strategies

Check out a few digital marketing strategies used by alcohol companies to their advantage-

If you are looking to create the best alcohol marketing campaigns, you ought to check your competition out. Some of these alcohol brands digital campaigns will blow your mind!

  1. Heineken-

Heineken played their cards right by infusing gamification into their marketing campaign. They created an app called Heineken live that provided a fully interactive digital experience, especially when people decide to go out at night. The app would give up to date information about the events and parties that are being conducted depending on your location. The users were rewarded with points.

  1. Smirnoff

If you notice, Smirnoff has a very bold and consistent theme going on their page. They put up posts on Instagram where they display cocktails (Vodka too! Obviously) and mention the recipe in the caption. Along with putting out educational content they also follow a very colorful theme that plays to their advantage.


If you are a new player in the industry you might want to check out some of the digital marketing companies in Mumbai, they can help your brand with powerful alcohol digital marketing strategies.

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