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22 Sep

The Holiday Season Social Marketing Guide

Holidays are that time of the year when people are ready to spend their money to buy new outfits, accessories and luxury items. What’s better than sitting at your own house and buying new stuff with the click of a button? On top of that, lucrative offers and sales by online companies through different holiday marketing campaigns make social media the best platform to purchase what you require. Be it summer, when you need new swimming trunks and sunglasses, or festivals like Diwali when gifts are bought in abundance to celebrate, online websites make it convenient for customers by providing them with specifications through holiday social media marketing.

In this new age, social media has taken over completely. People tend to display their daily holiday habits through various kinds of posts and videos. Companies use this to their advantage and target customers who they think will be interested in their particular line of products. They market their products online heavily to these prospects by creating various holiday ad campaigns.

Festive seasons including Diwali and Christmas are the times during which companies use various unique holiday social media campaigns in order to beat their competitors in the race of winning more customers and creating more profit. An example of online marketing for holiday season is –

The Holiday Season Social Marketing Guide

#UnboxDiwali Campaign – SnapDeal’s #CelebrateDiwaliHeroes campaign spread awareness by using the element of sympathy. The campaign painted a picture in the customer’s mind of how Diwali is just another working day for our country’s true heroes like military personnel, fire fighters, doctors and cops, while everyone else is celebrating it with their families. SnapDeal urged everyone to gift these unsung heroes and make their Diwali more colorful and bright. This campaign was successful and was the perfect backdrop to SnapDeal’s #UnboxDiwali sale, making it one of the best holiday marketing campaigns in India for that year

A few methods of holiday social media marketing are –

  • Targeting millennials on Instagram
  • Unique and exclusive online deals
  • Being grateful and responding quickly to customers’ queries
  • Slowly unwrapping unique ideas in the holiday season, and not exhausting all ideas at once.
  • Surprise your customers and make them happy by providing massive sales and giving free products away once in a while.
  • Posts should be entertaining and knowledgeable
Since we have discussed holiday ad campaigns and a few methods of online marketing for holiday season, let’s talk about how beneficial it could be for markets to target prospects through holiday marketing campaigns online –

Increase sales – Obtaining profit is the primary goal of almost all companies. By changing your holiday marketing strategy, using various unique and creative hashtags and providing tempting sales and discount offers, you will be sure to increase the sales of your products.

Expand social media presence. Changing your social media pages as per the holiday season will allow customers to see that you are actively present for them throughout the year, and you are not an automated monotonous machine.

Create awareness. Preparing and using a holiday social media campaign will make your presence felt and known in the market to many prospective customers. It will also show the customers who you are and why you stand out. Advertisements on social media will notify your customers of the holiday season products which are going to be on sale.

New customers – People are always attracted to new stuff. A unique and eye catching holiday campaign for a company can result in attracting new customers who are inquisitive to check what the buzz is all about.

Be a part of the festivities.It’s important for you and your company to relax and enjoy holidays. Doing fun holiday contests and deals will bring a level of excitement and happiness to both your customers and yourself.

Following all the methods mentioned above will lead to these benefits and will result in creating one of the best holiday marketing campaigns this year. So don’t waste any more time and start preparing your own unique holiday ad campaigns in advance for the next holidays!

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