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17 Nov

Tips To Combine SEO With Content Marketing

Gone are the days when content marketing and search engine optimization were considered as mutually exclusive activities. Today, given the crucial role that content marketing plays in the success of business online, it is of utmost importance to connect SEO activities with content marketing.

Brands need to ensure that their content team works in tandem with their SEO team so that not only is their content of the highest quality, but it is also ready for integration into a wider search engine marketing campaign.

Here are some tips to help you integrate these two disciplines in your marketing strategy:

1. Establish goals that compliment both Content & SEO: Before embarking on either activity brands need to what exactly they are trying to accomplish – Do they want to increase traffic, get links, or improve their online reputation. Their goals need to reflect their common agenda for both activities.

2. Know your Target Audience: As brands are required to deliver content that the intended audience would find valuable, it is important for them to first understand their Target Audience – their common interest, age, location, among other factors. Brands need to look for patterns and connections that will help them better understand their potential consumers. This will help them tailor the content to suit their consumer’s preferences, which helps in making SEO effective as well.

3. Ensure that all content is SEO-optimised: Before writing the content it is good to research keywords related to your business. By incorporating high-impression related keywords in their content brands can increase the relevancy of the content. Also it’s advisable to try to avoid a keyword density of more than 1 or 2%.

4. Team up content marketing with link building: Link building is very much an SEO activity, but it can also make your content more effective. Through link building, brands can do some guest post on an industry blogs, which will help amplify their written content and expand their reach.

5. Optimize the content on your company website: Brands need to conduct a content audit of their website. The content on the company website should be well-written and user friendly, but brands can also look through it to appraise the SEO impact of the titles, headlines, and meta descriptions.

Our Take –

In conclusion, marrying SEO & content, two digital marketing tools that were once viewed as separate entities and are now inseparable, can greatly help your online business reach the pinnacle of success and outwit your competitors.

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