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17 Nov

Tips For An Effective Mobile App Marketing Strategy This Diwali

With the holiday season right around the corner, it is important for brands to get the right mobile marketing strategy in place. While coming up with an effective strategy, it is imperative that brands first determine the goal of their app, i.e. what do they want the user to do in their app? Is their objective to increasing engagement, drive sales or something else? And how to go about accomplishing them?

Here are some tips to help brands answer some of these essential questions and gear up for the holiday season:

Here are some tips to help you integrate these two disciplines in your marketing strategy:

Don’t silo your App data – By integrating the app behaviors data into a central database, brands can use them to trigger personalized Diwali discount coupons and offers across their emails, website, call centers, among others.

Personalization is not a luxury, it’s an expectation – Just being recognized and having a presence is no longer enough. Today’s tech savvy users need relevant engagement with the brands as well.

Brands need to be proactive on mobile and offer customized Diwali content through In-app marketing such as In-app games, songs, images & wallpapers based on the Diwali theme, which will help build brand affinity and loyalty.

Decrease friction from the buying process – Keep the user experience simple and uncomplicated. Brands can offer social login or multi-select fields to decrease friction. Also, by strategically incorporating Diwali-centric calls to action in your mobile strategy, they can improve their chance of making a sale during the Holidays.

Launch your holiday campaign sooner rather than later – There are two groups of people you can target – people who complete their festive shopping before the Holidays and those who prefer to buy at the last minute. Brands should serve both groups by launching their Diwali campaign as soon as they can.

In a longer campaign timeframe, brands can include many different types of promotions, including wish lists, sneak peeks, and user -generated content (UGC) to drive sales.

Implement push notification & SMS mobile marketing – Businesses that need to give regular updates/reminders to its consumers should turn to specific push notifications for Diwali gift vouchers.

Brands should also use SMS marketing to inform their existing customer base about the various Diwali offers. Research shows that people check their SMS messages within 3 minutes of receiving them and they have an open rate of 98%.

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