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12 Jul

Narendra Modi is just an App Away!

It had been noted from the very beginning that PM Narendra Modi is one of the most tech-savvy leaders India has seen. Yet, few had predicted that he would come out with his own app! Are you really surprised though? PM Modi understands that when 77% of the Indian population has up to 30 apps on their smartphone he needs to be a part of that space.

Modi dreams of a “Digital India where the citizen-government interface is incorruptible,” and his app is the perfect beginning. His app allows users to communicate with him directly and get replies via messages through the app. Users can also listen to his famous “Mann ki Baat” recordings or read his speeches in the select sections. If you take patriotic actions or participate in trivia and level up, the app rewards you with badges and awards for these initiatives.

This app is a huge step for India, but perhaps an even bigger step for digital marketing and the mobile app industry. The underlying message from the launch of the app is that mobiles cannot be ignored any longer in the competitive marketplace. As per research firm eMarketer, India will exceed 200 million smartphone users, topping the US as the world’s second largest smartphone market by 2016. This means that more Indians have access to a smartphone and data subscription than a laptop or PC. Where there are smartphones, there are mobile apps. A study conducted by ASSPCHAM reveals that app download number is expected to cross 9 billion in India – that is huge.

Socializing is happening on mobile apps. Education is happening on mobile apps with apps like Dropbox and Google Drive and the PM hopes to replace textbooks and go digital; Shopping is happening as the e-commerce market is booming. With Narendra Modi’s new app, even government and politics will take a slice of the mobile app market share.

“When it comes to the IT revolution, India is a free, youthful nation. We can’t lose this opportunity,” claims Modi. The PM has recognized the importance of 156 million strong mobile app industry. It is time your business capitalizes on this “revolution” too!

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