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12 Jul

Myntra is Making a Mark

Digital content is dense these days with many companies hoping for a viral effect. Rightly so, because if you don’t stand out, nobody is trying to find you because you’re not the needle, you’re the haystack. eCommerce business Myntra made waves with its new ad and certainly stood out.

Myntra’s ad campaign, Bold is Beautiful, shows two lesbian women getting ready to tell their parents about their relationship. As a female consumer the ad is empowering. It pushes the boundaries for how much freedom a female in India can have and the female population craves freedom more than ever. The women don’t look like aliens from a different country, they are relatable and they look good. It’s easy even for straight females to back up.

Not only is the ad empowering emotionally, it also makes all the right moves in terms of marketing. Content like this is what we mean by content that’ll make a splash. The ad started conversations on social, got Myntra searched on Google more often, got people questioning what the company even was, and exposed the brand to new markets – all online. This is digital marketing at its core!

All that means nothing however, if the consumer doesn’t download the app and get shopping after watching the ad. The subtle references to their outfits were woven in perfectly and made an impact for Myntra’s brand. I certainly wanted to go check out the rest of their collection.

Now consumers will see Myntra as a progressive, modern brand who is not only at the forefront of fashion, but also social progress. Boldness fits in well with their brand image. They’re leaders in the mobile shopping industry that is recent globally and on the rise in India. A shaking ad like this is exactly what the company should be aiming for: continued innovation of ideas in all forms.

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