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7 Jun

Curious Case of the ‘Tweeting pothole’

When Malala Yousafzai said, “What is interesting is the power and the impact of social media. So we must try to use social media in a good way”, Telemetro Reporta & Ad Agency O&M took it rather seriously!

What followed next was a series of Strange Tweets which the Department of Public Works of the Panama City started receiving.

Tweeting pothole tweet

Imagine receiving Tweets like these:

“I am not in danger, I AM THE DANGER”

“I feel horrible, I just caused a tyre damage to an old lady’s car. @MOPDePanama, See what you made me do.”

Strange, right? Even Panama City’s Department of Public Works were first bewildered on receiving such tweets, directed towards them. On further investigation they came to know that these tweets were sent to them by the ‘Potholes’ which existed in their city!

As an effort to get city officials to respond and fix potholes in panama city, show Telemetro Reporta and ad agency Ogilvy & Mather, installed Hashtag driven devices in the city’s potholes. Every time someone drives over them, the hashtag-bearing gadgets automatically send a light hearted tweet to the Department of Public Works, pointing out the problem and asking them to fix potholes and road conditions.

This was the first time, such a Twitter Campaign was initiated. It definitely garnered eyeballs and encouraged people to work towards a better society! The campaign also has its own segment on the popular TV program, raising even more awareness among the inhabitants of Panama City. As of today, the potholes have started disappearing as well.

Now just imagine if this kind of a campaign takes place in India as well where driving along potholed- filled roads are no less than a nightmare which only gets worse in the rainy season. With Indian politicians getting more and more active on social media platforms, do you think we could pull off a panama back here? There can be either 2 situation in such a case: either the potholes will disappear or the Hashtag Bearing devices which are installed on the potholes! Let’s wait & watch!

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