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7 Jun

Welcome to Marketing, WhatsAPP!

When WhatsApp was first launched in 2009, little did their founders know that it would be a Game-Changer in the Mobile Business. Not only has WhatsApp today revolutionized the way we ‘Message’ but has also found a place in the Media Mix of the Mobile Marketing Strategy!

The obvious reason, which makes WhatsApp a great platform for Mobile Marketing, is its huge user base. Here is a quick glimpse of how Brands are using WhatsApp to leverage themselves.

WhatsApp works great as a Contest Platform

Not too long ago Red FM conducted a WhatsApp-only contest called ‘WhatsApp ka Superstar’. In this Talent Hunt, people were invited to send videos of themselves singing via WhatsApp. In just a week, the team received 22,000 entries from Mumbai alone.

In the case of Colgate, people were invited to send selfies of their smile, via WhatsApp, to a phone number displayed on the toothpaste pack.

Why WhatsApp

For small to medium-sized businesses, WhatsApp works as an inexpensive alternative to creating and promoting an actual mobile app. Bharat Ahirwar, founder and CEO, GetMyPeon, says, “Being a start-up, we do not have the funds to launch an app immediately. Today, if I create an app, people will have to download it and then place a request. But WhatsApp is practically on every phone. And it is free.”

WhatsAPP over SMS

In India for mobile marketing one could not send traditional SMS marketing messages to people who have subscribed for DND(Do not disturb) services with their telephone operator. With WhatsApp marketing around the corner this entire audience can now be targeted. New trend in Digital Marketing is here.

We welcome WhatsApp to the Marketing World!

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