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12 Jan

Paid Media Becomes Necessary

2014 was the year when businesses were forced to rethink their approach towards Facebook marketing – first with the drop in organic reach, then the death of the like – gate and then the announcement of how Facebook plans to reduce the amount of promotional content coming from brands in the news feed. We should not be surprised if other networks eventually follow the same path.

2015 will see the rise of paid media. Small businesses will have to get more educated about how to accelerate the distribution of different types of content at different stages of the sales funnel if they want to survive.

But we’re past the like – collecting days and more businesses are understanding the need for a well-designed structure that delivers different types of content to segmented groups of their audiences at the right moment in the marketing cycle. The best way to control the potential reach and manage the segmentation is through paid media.

The two key things we learned this year, that we need to consider in 2015: you can no longer rely solely on organic reach to make a significant impact, and paid media leads to more conversions than organic media.

Paid social leads to 25% more conversion than organic social. Source: Convertro.

Image Courtesy : Social Media Examiner

The focus should be on learning more about the individuals in your target audience, as well as understanding how to segment your prospects, whether there is already a connection with your business or not. Plus, establish who needs to see what and when, and determine how you’re going to deliver each specific.

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