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12 Jan

Deletes Millions of Fake/Spam Accounts – ‘InstaPurge’

If you’re unfamiliar with The Instapurge, you might want to check your Instagram account – the photo app deleted millions of spam accounts in an effort to clean up the service.

You’re probably fine and only lost a couple followers. Some famous people weren’t so lucky. Justin Bieber, for example, lost over 3.6 million followers. Further proof that star has crashed to the ground. Other celebs like Akon, Mase and 50 Cent also saw their followers count loose a significant chunk.

It was particularly embarrassing for people who had paid for followers to boost their credibility, such as rapper – turned – pastor Ma$e, whose follower count tumbled from 1.6 million to a comparatively tiny 272,000 before he deleted all records of its existence.

The biggest loss, however, belongs to an account that’s since been deleted because it no longer has a reason to even update. Thanks to the Instapurge, an account with the name chiragchirag78 boasted over 3.6 million followers. After the Instapurge, the follower count dropped to eight. Eight. As in “after seven but before nine.”

Website 64px compiled a list of the 100 biggest accounts on Instagram at the time of the deletions to see which major players didn’t belong there in the first place.

Before The Purge, the account boasted a follower count of 3,660,468. After everything was said and done, its number of disciples was trimmed down to a slightly smaller number: eight.

Image Courtesy : Elite Daily

That amounts to 99.9998 percent of its total followers and a difference of 3,660,460 people, also known as “more than the entire population of the island of Puerto Rico.”

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