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21 Dec

Sneak Peak 2021: Digital Marketing Trends

The patterns in digital marketing trends for 2021 seem to revolve around two different, but almost conflicting ideas so far. First is a general humanization, discussing specific problems and tailoring content to suit the user (as opposed to mass appeal) for more personal interaction. Secondly, the fine-tuning of behind-the-scenes areas such as SEO and how you organise campaigns are far more mechanical and technological optimization, the nitty-gritty that your happy customers do not see.

When outlining your own digital marketing plan for the New Year, take these marketing patterns to heart and understand them.

  1. Featured snippets & SEO for visual searches
    The aim of SEO has been to get your listing in the search results spot “position number one” for many years. Now, heading into 2021, in “position zero,” the end-goal starts to change to more SEO visibility.
    Place zero refers to the “featured snippet” from Google and online marketing trends in SEO marketing for 2021 favour it above all else. The featured snippet functions differently from other search results entries. More notably, it also shows additional, appropriate information without having to click on it to try to address the user’s question.
    Make sure your image and video SEO campaigns are in tip-top shape to capitalise on the increased number of visual searches. Apply the basics, to begin with:

    • Use alt text in your image descriptions at all times
    • Add photos to your sitemap or create a dedicated sitemap image
    • Include your goal SEO keywords in your image’s filename
  2. Social Media Trends will light the way
    In order to satisfy increasing demand and consumer requirements during the pandemic, major social networks have increasingly developed and changed emphasis.This has speeded up many of their plans, but for the most part, the new instruments and options introduced have already been developed.The year 2021 is set to be a year of growth and exciting changes in the world of Social Media. Few of the upcoming trends are:

    • Facebook Storefront with new UI
    • Messaging Merger within Facebook and Instagram
    • Algorithm Shifts
    • Instagram in-stream Shopping
    Online Marketing Trends
  3. Video Marketing game to be strong
    Video marketing provides the business with a number of major advantages.The video is at an all-time high.One of the most valuable ways you can gain and hold publicity is video marketing. Most out-of-home entertainment options have been cancelled, and people are remaining healthy at home. This suggests that they spend more time using video content than ever before.Creating an interactive content is one of the best practices for digital marketing in 2021. Interactive content is part of the greater movement towards personalization; they feel a more personal connection to the brand by encouraging users to speak for themselves or make their voice heard. It can also be used to gather information on customer needs, such as changes to the product or platform.
  4. Local SEO
    Google constantly updates its local SEO algorithm, so if you are a local company, you should also regularly update the appearance of your business in local results. In a way, local SEO is even more effective than large SEO, because it’s easier to convert people looking for a particular form of company with their geographical location to buy. This is the best strategy recommended by many digital marketing agencies.
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