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27 Oct

2020 Instagram Algorithm in a nutshell

Many brands were utterly shaken by the 2018 Facebook algorithm update, which resulted in a nosedive of organic reach. Instagram being a part of the Facebook entity had also impressed and motivated brands to perform campaigns on both platforms simultaneously. However, currently, brands have noticed that their Instagram content has not scored the same degree of interaction as they did in the past. Creators are raising a query, as to How to use the Instagram algorithm to my advantage?

How the Instagram Algorithm works in 2020:

As more and more people have shifted to this platform, brands are using this platform to their fullest, irrespective of which industry they belong to. The new Instagram algorithm is encouraging only those brands and creators who invest in their Instagram Content. Running advertisements on this platform is what it demands, only then the audience will be able to see your content.  However, this shouldn’t discourage brands and creators to create content. As the platform demands content first.
If you find that your Instagram engagement is down, it might be due to the algorithm itself. However, the following tips will allow you to be future-proof and ready for any new algorithm changes with excellent content and a deeper understanding of how the platform operates.

Top 5 strategies and tactics to outsmart the Instagram algorithm

    1. Quality of Content:
      Focus on creating unique content when compared with your peers in that industry. Marketers recommend, that youfind your niche and grow your content in that direction. Understanding the demand of your viewers and building your content around the same, is the key.
    2. Create more Video Content:
      Video auto-plays in your followers’ feeds, there’s certainly no easier way to capture someone’s attention while they’re out there scrolling around. Instagram has been driving video hard lately through IGTV and Instagram stories. This is a piece of big news that signals again that Instagram needs to see video-producing creators.
    3. Harness the power of your hashtags
      Hashtags can help attract eyeballs in a matter of seconds. Using hashtags as part of your marketing plan means that your posts are searchable. The combination of branded, product, and group hashtags is a perfect storm of promoting interaction. Don’t be afraid of using a bunch of relevant hashtags, but don’t end up looking up like a spammer.
How the Instagram Algorithm Works in 2020
  1. Be consistent on publishing stories
    Stories provide an authentic, fast way to engage your audience, which people obviously love. They’re also moving your brand’s account to the front of your followers’ story notifications, placing you practically at the front and middle of their feed as a result.
    To sum up, Stories will keep your profile coming up. This is good news for interaction, as your followers are continually encouraged to check your content.
  2. Invest your ads budget for Instagram Strategically
    Taken into consideration, the new Instagram algorithm, advertising on Instagram has become very vital. Apart from creating creative content, strategic investment on Instagram advertisements will only help your brand to maintain its online presence. Consistency in budget allocation is one the key factors for your Instagram content to succeed.More you invest, Instagram will expect more. However, it is very necessary to maintain a balance of both.

If to conclude, you should leave it upto the Marketing experts, who recommend the right mix between good quality organic content and also spending strategically on your Instagram Ads budget.Marketers have realized the aim of the change in Instagram Algorithm and are now creating fresh strategies for different types of brands.

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