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14 Jul

Best Practices to increase your ROI through Instagram Ads

Instagram has proven to be one of the most groundbreaking online platforms on social media right now.

The unique photo-sharing platform offers brands one-of-a-kind opportunity to gain visibility and engage in dialogue with their customers.

It’s the age of meme culture and constant sharing of the posts with your friends. Hence, Instagram has provided this opportunity to digital marketing companies in India to promote their brands by cashing on current pop culture and events.

As a digital marketing firm in India that wants to establish a loyal database of users for their brands, it’s critical to have your Instagram marketing sorted out.

Here are 7 of the best practices for Instagram marketing to help boost your Instagram conversions for the brand.

1. Only post compelling content

 To showcase the same, make sure your content is aligned with your customer’s interest.

For instance, your business is selling training shoes, and it’s safe to say your target audience would be people who work out or who are interested in fitness.

Therefore, it’s necessary to share compelling content and to do so you need to figure out your target audience.

Brands like Netflix India are nailing this bit. They have captured their pop culture essence of the brand into their Instagram in the most perfect way by using their customer interests.

 2. Share user-generated content

This practice not only attracts more people to your brand but also allows users to engage with your brand closely.

It’s a chance for you to share the perception of your brand through your user’s eyes and a great way to increase your brand’s credibility and build relationships with your customers.

Leveraging user-generated content is an effective way to maximize your ROI in the social spectrum.

3. Showcase your customer’s experience

When you share photos from your satisfied customers, other users on Instagram who were previously curious, or perhaps hesitant, will be more willing to buy from you after seeing how others are using and enjoying your product.

Bonus: Your customers will love that you featured them on your Instagram; just be sure to give them the appropriate credit.

4. Take advantage of Instagram Carousels

Sometimes it’s hard to tell a whole story in one single image but worry not. Now you have Instagram Carousels at your disposal.

This feature allows you to attach unto 10 images in one go. It’s a visually pleasing way to present your products on the platform without saturating your feed with a lot of promotional content.

5. Always use the relevant Hashtags

Do want to know how to maximize your Instagram exposure in the easiest way possible?

Hashtags are the best way to go! They enable you to reach out to people who are not following your content but, might cater to their interests.

By just adding a popular hashtag it will automatically be in the search results and will be able to engage the mass in no time. The hashtag if used properly can be a beneficial tool.

6. Use a Call To Action

The only place you can use a clickable link is in your bio and that is why using CTAs on the post can be the conversion sealers for your products.

This will help grasp the attention of potential customers and compel them to convert. You can pocket more customers through this than you can imagine.

But these CTAs should be modestly placed within the Instagram posts and done with the latest trend for best effect. A good set of advertising ideas for Instagram with appropriate CTAs can be very impactful to attract potential customers.

7. Measure your results and make changes

From the above-mentioned pointers, you must have gotten an idea of what kind of content you should be sharing and what are the right features would work for your brand.

However, don’t just take an increase in likes and shares as a win. Instead, take notice of the number of followers with similar interests as those could be your potential conversions or relevant influencers.

8. Final thoughts

Great advertising ideas for Instagram are just not enough to maximize your ROI.

To get the desired results, one has to make the plan and execute the strategies to achieve the goals.

Furthermore, by studying the follower’s behavior, a planned roadmap can be built.

The findings from the research will help in determining which niche should be targeted.

The feedback acquired from the followers suggests the application of new marketing strategies.

If you get the best out of these tips, you are ready to reap the benefits of your Instagram posts.

Instagram is a place where you just need to show creative content and use the right skill set. As a result, followers will just keep pouring in.

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