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12 Mar

2020: A year of e-commerce

Many manufacturing companies have started to focus on e-commerce. Brands from various industries especially the B2C sector is advised to be e-commerce enabled.E-commerce sector is highly competitive where relevancy has to be a top priority. Online businesses must constantly be aware of various trends that can attract eye-balls i.e consumers to their brand and products.

Many of the established e-commerce companies have agreed that if startup e-commerce websites don’t upgrade themselves according to the future and latest trends in ecommerce, then they would face a major fall back. Check-out the e-commerce trends in 2020, below are few useful e-commerce trends:

    1. Chatbots:
      Using chatbots and AI will help you take a step to match the latest e-commerce trends. Interacting with customers is one of the best ways to know about their needs so that you can sell them the right product. Chatbots are the best solution because it comes under an automation process, they are emerging as an essential component in the future of online business.
      Inculcating a live chatbot on your website will give a customer a more personalized vibe and clear feedback on your product or brand. A live chatbot can handle a heavy load to interact with the customer directly and show them the right product.
    2. Voice Search:
      The invention of Amazon Alexa, Apple SIRI, Google Assistant, etc. is the proof of the future of e-commerce trends. This shows the increase of demand of voice search than that of typing and searching for any product or service.When searching for products on voice search, customers mostly use the local language and expect relevant results. If your products are optimized with relevant keywords, then you can definitely get a click.
Ecommerce Trends
  1. User Generated Content on Social Media:
    Brands have been taking advantage of influencer partnerships for some time and now more of them are discovering one of the greatest benefits of social media campaigns: user-generated content (UGC). The photos and videos that social media users share about brands can be fertile ground for unique and engaging content. With the new feature of Marketplace on Facebook and Shop on Instagram, brands can create a different method of approach to their target audience.
  2. Customized Products:
    Customizing products is the latest trend in demand among the customers. They prefer this feature where they can customize their own products according to their preference. Another major advantage of this feature is that you will also get data about what your customer likes. By using this data you can target your customers by displaying similar products through online ads.
  3. ‘Try & Buy’ feature:
    This feature is similar to the ‘AR Feature’ i.e the customer can have the product experience before buying it. Through AR feature customer can virtually try the product, but through ‘Try & Buy’ the customer can physically try the product. This will help the brand get the utmost customer loyalty.

Although trends come and go, it is important that e-commerce businesses pay attention to ones that are having significant impacts on the customer experience and conversions. However, many digital marketing agencies advice companies to be e-commerce optimized. Many of the agencies specifically provide special services for e-commerce companies.

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