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7 Dec

Unanswered Calls: The Plague of Paid Search ROI

What are call ads, and why they matter

Businesses today are still highly dependent on call advertising. Talking to customers is one of the best ways you can get them on the hook for selling them a product or service. Even in the age of social media, google adwords campaign optimization, and web advertising, the old fashioned approach of listening to the salesperson, still seems to be quite effective with potential customers.

The problem

The magic of call ads is still not entirely efficient in spite of the benefits of paid search engine marketing and call marketing. In fact, it is slowly proving to be declining in efficiency. Many of the call ads are being unanswered or going to voicemail, which gets charged to the company. But this is of no value since they have not generated any leads from it. 20% of all call ads go straight to voicemail, which is staggeringly inefficient when compared to traditional means of advertising.

Strategies To Improve The ROI

Strategies to improve the ROI


  1. Reaching out twice: a great way to make sure that your call ads are being efficiently utilized is to reach out a second time, to those customers that have had a short conversation. This data is easily obtainable by most software used. In the case of customer conversations that have been short, it can either be due to voicemails, or due to disinterest. Either way, there is a potential upside to calling back if it was voicemail, and no further downside to it if the person had disinterest, to begin with.
  2. The human factor: an essential requirement, is that the people behind the call, the salesmen, are well trained and knowledgeable about the product or service.
  3. Getting professional help: for those businesses that are unsure of the best way to optimize this or even the adwords optimization strategy, any of the digital marketing agencies in India, or at least leading ones, would be of great assistance to the company. Even a search marketing agency can highly benefit the business.

With this understanding and keeping these strategies in mind, it is more likely that you can succeed in call only campaigns best practices and adwords optimization strategies. The best techniques coupled with your product or service are guaranteed to show results for your business.

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