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17 Nov

Remarketing: The Superhero Code Which Improves The Conversion Rate

In the last decade or so the digital age has left humans with such a short attention span that even a goldfish can hold a thought for longer, according to a research.

Now Google says that 96% of consumers visit a website without completing the purchase for any number of reasons, and this is where remarketing comes into play. Remarking is a form of digital advertising that helps you reconnect with these users by showing related and relevant ads as they browse the web, mobile apps, or Google.

Let’s say you launched a new integrated marketing campaign, which includes TV, print, digital, among others. And all your media channels direct the user to your website. Now imagine that after spending a ton of money on getting users to come to your site, the potential customer leaves your site without completing the purchase. After a few days or even weeks later, the same user starts a new browsing session. With retargeting capabilities, brands can identify the user’s location and serve ads featuring the products he was considering the last time he had visited their site.

Retargeting Process:

Why brands should include it in their strategy?

It is also successful in generating leads for B2B’s that have a longer sales funnel.

1. Cost per impression is reduced – It is a relatively cheaper option in comparison to other forms of digital advertising since it re-targets the same user.

2. Improves conversion rates – It allows us to drive those visitors who did not complete the purchase cycle back onto the website. And, visitors who are coming back to the site have a higher potential of conversion. This also helps in creating brand recall and awareness.

3. Focused targeting & customized messaging – It enables brands to target a specific audience segment. Segments can be created that show different ads to different people depending on the pages of the website they viewed.

4. Cost effective branding – Remarketing helps brands to re-engage visitors who have left the website. It is an excellent tool to remind prospective users about your brand. It can recall a message viewed on the brand’s website and then display reminder ads throughout the site.

5. Improves brand recall – Remarketing gives brands the edge by keeping the brand in the forefront of the users mind.

Our Take

In conclusion, with focused targeting abilities, remarketing is one of the best paid options for any kind of business, especially for e-commerce ventures. It can be a very good marketing option when executed correctly.

A remarketing campaign can offer excellent re-conversion for dropped leads, and an extremely low cost per acquisition. It can boost a Brand’s overall AdWords campaign’s performance, and it can significantly increase brand awareness as well.

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