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7 Dec

Tips to Improve your Social Media Ads Strategy

Organic content doesn’t have the same reach on Social Media anymore. In fact, Facebook posts from brand pages saw a decline in engagement. But that’s why so many organizations now rely on social media advertising more than ever. Paid social media, is “the” thing. It’s the easiest and one of the biggest social media trends one can do to get their content in front of their audience.

How to improve social media presence?

Social media advertising is a way to target audiences on specific networks through demographic information so targeted consumers can see your brand in their feeds. It will only work if done well. One has to be strategic with their ad spend, content selection, targeting frequency and audience demographics. Change is the only constant when it comes to social media advertising. Follow these tips for a successful social media advertising strategy to help your brand avoid throwing money down the drain on poor performing ads.

  1. Know your campaign objectives

Every social media advertising has a goal, know and understand what is yours. Prioritize your goal and choose the best one to achieve the same. How can social media improve your business? Every brand has a different goal, your business probably has a unique goal. Here are a few ways to improve your social media ad goals before you brainstorm your campaign objectives, such as:

  • Increase in Traffic – Traffic goals boost your total unique visitors and page views. This goal is perfect if you’re looking to promote a new site, brand, product or sale/deal.
  • Increase in Visibility – Visibility goals are great for increasing reach and impressions, which is ideal for brand awareness campaigns.
  • Increase in Engagement – Measuring engagement through shares, comments, likes, and retweets can help you understand what content works best. This allows your brand to get the right conversation with users.
  • Increase in Lead Generation – Many brands use paid social ads to help generate leads. This can be a multi-step campaign as you could target invested users specifically in the next ad. It also helps convert users into prospects.
  • Increase in Sales – Brands can run tests on paid ads to see product interest or to help run deals to get more sales. This is also ideal for brands releasing new product features.


  1. Carefully select Your Social Platforms

Wondering how to improve social media for your business? Firstly, to decide on a crystal-clear advertising goal, you need to choose a social media platform to promote your ads and campaigns. Few immediate key points to consider are:

  • Is this channel performing well Organically for me?
  • Does this channel’s demographics match my brand?
  • Do our competitors target users on this network?
  • Does my target audience consistently engage here?
  • Does my ad format (multi-photo, video, GIF, etc.) fit the platform?

Facebook and Instagram are the most preferred social media platforms and Instagram stories marketing strategy is the new trend. Brands that use high-visual content are likely to get maximum people to click and go through the content. Thus, it’s necessary, to know your target audience, their location and their behavior for a successful social media campaign.


  1. Choose your Content wisely

Modes of content on digital marketing include blogs, images, videos, GIFs, etc. Everything has grown in its own unique way. The world of designing is growing day by day. Out of these videos has seen to receive more engagement. Over a period of time video marketing has become a prime source of revenue in digital marketing.  Video is more engaging than other media, but it can supercharge your targeting on Facebook. With Facebook Custom Audiences, you can create a ‘warm’ audience of people who’ve watched a certain number of videos from your page. Then, you can create a Lookalike Audience to prospect for users who look and behave just like the original video watchers.  Many brands are frustrated because they don’t have video content to use, however, Facebook now has some really great, lightweight tools which enable you to string together even still images to build a video. This can be a perfect way to ease into using video in your social ad campaigns.


  1. Optimize Your Social Bidding Strategy

Find the right balance and optimize your social bidding strategy to be competitive, but money conscious. For starters, your bids go against a large number of competitors trying to reach the same users. To make it possible for all advertisers to have a chance, there’s a bidding structure. But it can get expensive in a hurry. Keep your bids to a minimum to start and understand your campaign might not get enough views for the limited bids. This doesn’t mean you should avoid bidding higher amounts. In the end, networks like Facebook (and Instagram) work on a basis where everyone can get a share of the action–depending on how much someone pays. Sticking in the middle range of your competitors will let you see mid-range impressions versus paying the most to see the highest number of engagements.


  1. Hone in on what you do best

Last step in your social media advertising strategy is to hone in on what you do best. Learn your own best practices and always test to make future campaigns easier. Learn from practices through constant testing, you’ll work faster with your teams and be more confident getting into the next campaign. Everyone’s strategy will be different, it’s up to you how well and thorough you plan your campaigns to see true success. This is how top social media marketing agencies work with design, content, development and social media teams to launch ads.

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