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11 Nov

Why Digital Marketing Automation for your Business?

What is Digital Marketing Automation?

Digital Marketing Automation largely refers to the software that streamlines, operates and automates the marketing tasks and workflows through the use of a digital medium. This makes the work of the marketing departments more efficient. Many marketing departments go through the pain of doing a few easy but important tasks repeatedly during the course of the day. Digital Marketing Automation acts as the savior and helps manage such repetitive tasks like E-mailing, handling social media, websites, sending SMS messages more efficiently and so on.

However, sometimes the definition isn’t really used the way it should be in reality. The term “marketing automation” has now become more of a “buzzword”. Many companies are under the impression or the misconception that all the digital media tools are necessary for their growth. This thought process leads to a consequence where the marketers end up buying email addresses instead of generating prospective leads. This kind of quick fix will surely help the company get revenue quickly in the short run but will not help them in building a healthier long-term relationship with their future customers.

Reasons why we should automate our “Marketing Process”. These are also some of the benefits of marketing automation –


  • Scale your marketing

Looking at the state of the current marketing environment, it is essential for the companies to have the abilities in order to get higher revenue, growth, and ROI.

When you look at the marketing situation, there are thousands of advertising channels, social media networks, websites, tools and apps to manage. Hence, it is important for a company to scale its marketing process for the growth of the company.

The digital world screams at:

Social media marketing ▶Email marketing ▶ Content marketing ▶ Affiliate marketing ▶ Search engine marketing ▶ Google Ad Words ▶ Facebook paid advertising.

Many digital marketing firms make use of the right marketing automation tools that help them achieve greater insights, nurture their leads, and convert them into loyal customers. In short, marketing automation helps the marketing departments scale the ROI of their campaigns. As a result, when the departments have the ability to scaleeffectiveness of the campaigns, it helps them move from the cost center to generating revenue which later helps them think creatively, generate leads, and increase brand awareness.


  • Improve your customer targeting

Marketing automation help companies target the prospective customers and turn them into delightful customers by providing them with personalized services they desire. No one wants to feel like a number especially by their favorite retail brand. Companies then analyze these profiles and segment them into groups based on the customers’ preferences, likes and dislikes, ensuring that the right messages reach the right person through the right channel at the right time. These groups are then updated continuously and automatically with the help of marketing automation solutions, ensuring that the information is always up-to-date.


  • Measure the results

By focusing on the key metrics in the automation software in digital marketing it helps you figure out how successful your campaigns are at attracting and converting prospects. The good thing about marketing automation tools is that they are capable of collecting huge amounts of data and then measure the results and generate revenue.

Marketing automation tools allow the marketing personnel to measure the results of the marketing campaigns that they run as the automation software allows companies to store huge volumes of data. This in turn, helps in the growth of the company.


Marketing Automation Tools
  • Optimize the online campaign

By continuously optimizing the online campaign one is able to:

  1. Continually keep in touch with leads
  2. Develop deeper relationships through engaging content
  3. Keep your business top of mind
  4. Streamline your sales funnel


There are 7 steps to follow while the optimization of online campaigns.

  • Plan your campaign
  • Keep a check on the customers sales needs.
  • Identify paths, keep it simple
  • Create messages
  • Develop landing pages
  • Track and measure results
  • Optimize and repeat.


In order to optimize efficiently, one must keep in mind:

  • Continually optimize your online automation lead nurturing campaigns.
  • Once you begin achieving the results you need, continue to run the automated email
  • Watch your sales conversions grow.


In conclusion, a company must nurture its customers in order to convert them into prospective, loyal and profitable customers. For doing so, it is important for a company to adapt to the marketing automation tools, use them efficiently, target its customer audience, measure the results, check the sales growth and then optimize them. In such a competitive world, it is important for companies to operate and manage things differently in order to stand out from the bandwagon.

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