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16 Sep

How to Promote Your Business via Facebook Groups?

If you own a business today, you have a Facebook page for sure. Every brand today has a Facebook page because this social media platform is one of the first to be used when you kick start social media marketing for your brand or product. There are multiple other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter along with Facebook that have become increasingly useful while marketing your brand. Social media marketing case studies have shown the success of Facebook groups in promoting businesses. This article speaks about the importance of Facebook groups and how you can use them to promote your business.

Why You Should Create Facebook Groups for Your Business?

Let’s look at what is the importance of Facebook groups. Facebook groups can have a powerful impact on your business if used as a marketing strategy. When you join groups relevant to your brand or the product, you enter a community or if you create a group for your brand, you build a community who share the same interests you do or share an interest in your brand or product. It is the best way to request feedback from the customers, answer their queries. It is an excellent platform to showcase your brand and its expertise and the dedication that you have towards your brand. This is also where you showcase all of this that is visible to other group members. This is an excellent platform to communicate with your customers and also maintain on brand awareness.

Facebook Page vs. Groups: What’s the Difference?

A Facebook page is probably the first thing you make when marketing your brand online. Your Facebook page is as essential as groups because your customer will want to see your page and know what you do and what your brand is all about. This is also where you can track your follower engagement and post reach. You also get to promote or your boost your posts. But this is a paid feature. On Facebook pages, followers have a passive role, they get to comment and react on the posts. However, Facebook groups gives both you and your customers a much more leverage. Since groups focus on building a community who share the same interests, it lets you connect with your customers more closely than on your page. Your customers also get to be more active on the groups, they can give you feedback, discuss various topics, which is what groups are meant for.

Here are some of the best ways you can use Facebook groups for business:

Set the Rules-

As the admin of the group, you’re in control. You can set certain rules such as what type of content can be posted on the group, who can join the group and so on. You need to keep a check and avoid hate comments, or verbal abuse in order to protect your group members from spam or any negative behaviour. You should also encourage everybody in your group to encourage each other’s privacy as its very important.

Ask for Feedback-

As groups are created for discussions and to increase engagement, you can request your customers or members on the group to give you feedbacks on your products, suggestions to improve the product or welcome any opinion they might have about your product. This is one of the great tips to use Facebook group to build your customer’s loyalty and showing them you care about their interests.

Facebook Group Strategy

Monitor Inappropriate Behavior-

As the group admin, you’re in charge of monitoring inappropriate behaviour. As mentioned above, you need to make sure nobody abuses or gives hate speech. It is your responsibility to protect your customers and members from any kind of online harassment that takes place on your group. The way you handle negative behaviour also reflects on your group so make sure you handle this in a professional  manner.

Avoid Self-promotion-

Although it’s your group, you shouldn’t promote your products or brands directly on the group. You can do that on your Facebook page. On the group, since its meant to bring discussions with the customers, nobody likes in- your- face promotions. You can promote your brand subtly by posting articles about it.

Keep a Spam-free Environment-

It’s important to have a spam free environment on your group. Since, the group is made to discuss and talk about your brand, it’s important keep a check that people are sharing and talking about similar interests and having discussions relevant to the group. You can mention this in your group description. You can also remove those who spam or delete any spam.

Attract More Members-

By keeping a well maintained environment on your group, posting content that welcomes discussion from members and that is relevant to you brand will attract more members on the group. Welcoming feedback and opinions from the customers and members will create a favourable image on their mind.

Above mentioned are some of the best ways to use Facebook groups for the promotion of your brand. With the number of digital marketing platforms and tools available, people tend to forget the importance of Facebook groups but it when used correctly, it can be an additional tool to get customer engagement.

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