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16 Sep

Instagram for Healthcare Industry

Instagram as a social media marketing tool has often been something more connected to the fashion or sports industry but it’s relevance in the healthcare industry has been enormous too. Making people aware about different home remedies and ways to avert problems, providing information about programs regarding diet control or pet issues or even simply keeping the hospital’s or medical institution’s name can have a positive impact on the institution. These are just a few of the many things that can benefit from Instagram’s help.

Here are some of the ways that can be used as a healthcare marketing guide for Instagram.


    1. Exclusive deals and offers: Giving away something unique on any platform is always ideal as people have a reason to follow your page. For example, the companies can post a special coupon code in Instagram story that is only valid for 24 hour duration. The customers can be directed to the Instagram bio that in turn sends them to a landing page which explains how to redeem the offer.
    2. Behind the scenes footage: An effective Instagram marketing strategy would be adding more personality to the brand, we can create a sense of interaction and humanize our brand. The audience can be given a sneak peek into the processes of healthcare practices, or even give a virtual tour of the work facility to create excitement. This will inculcate a sense of involvement and spark a connection with the customers.
  1. Tutorials & how to guides: How to do something can be explained step by step by using the stories feature available on Instagram. For instance, detailing a root canal through stories by uploading a short clip for each step of the procedure would let the potential customers know exactly what to expect when they come in next. It lets them know that you have the expertise necessary, shows them any unique points about your procedure, and overall gives them a feeling of ease going into the whole thing.
  2. Instagram Live: Another growing trend offered by Instagram is the live streaming feature. The healthcare centers can use this technique effectively by holding interactive Q&A sessions which allows them to interact with customers directly in real time.
  3. Instagram stories paid ads: The paid stories feature is exactly like regular stories, only difference being that they come with a sponsored label. They do not seem forced as they pop up in between regular stories. The companies can create highly targeted stories to reach out to the right audiences. To draw inspiration, the companies can also access one of the many healthcare marketing case studies uploaded by Instagram on their business website.


There are plenty of ways of utilizing social media platforms to bring value to the customers and the healthcare companies. The healthcare firms can easily approach digital marketing  and advertising agencies or undertake these online marketing activities themselves to build their brands online.

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