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14 Oct

The Power of Micro Influencers

The word in the city is that micro influencer marketing will explode in the near future. Over the most recent few months, the term micro influencer has turned into a trendy expression and it will stick around for good reason.

 All in all, what are they and what precisely is all the hype about?

An influencer with a smaller yet loyal and fast-growing following may be the best approach for brand advertisers hoping to achieve their intended target group. Earlier influencer marketing was understood as celebrity collaborations and expensive sponsorships, however, now it’s all about social media influencers and how many engaged followers they have to in-turn generate sales for the brand.

Why Work With Them?

Micro influencer marketing has picked up pace in no time, giving rise to influencer marketing companies. Even the best digital marketing agencies in India see it as a mandate to add micro influencers in their planning process for brands. The popularity of social media also led to the arrival of agencies specializing in social media marketing. Influencer marketing is, of course, a natural offshoot of that.


1. Higher Engagement

Consumers identify more with someone who is like them, believing more in the recommendations of friends and family than celebrities and ads, giving higher credibility to micro influencers. Every digital agency in Mumbai should have a database of micro-influencers that they can tap for each brand.

2. Cost Effective

They are highly cost-effective because their rates are significantly lower than celebrities. Their engagement rate with the target group is much higher as they give the customer the opportunity of feedback through social media portals.

3. More Credibility

Micro influencers are very effective when it comes to reaching a large number of people, through various channels. This is an awesome way to generate brand awareness and to saturate the market with the product one has to offer. On the off chance that your influencer-promoting objective is more centered around content creation, micro influencers are the holy grail!

4. Authenticity

It’s their tone, genuineness, authenticity, identity, content style, topic specialty, and above all, their capacity to be personal with their audience.

Micro Influencer Marketing Companies

Buyers progressively consult social media and blogs when settling on purchase choices, regardless of whether it is a snappy Google seek, perusing the popular hashtag or taking a gander at Facebook suggestions and reviews, the digital space is the primary purpose of call for shoppers hunting down item and brand information.

Micro influencers are the ideal vehicle to advertising messages in a digital space because:

  • There are such a significant number of them,
  • They are credible, authentic, great with their content skills, and
  • They are not affected by adblock programming, so there is nothing between the influencer content and buyers.

There is genuine profit in understanding the power and estimation of commitment in the influencer showcasing space, and for the advertisers that do, they’re influencer promoting efforts are better for it. By utilizing these ‘micro’ influencers in your influencer strategy, any brand can make a triumphant equation for progress.

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