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11 Apr

How Social Media Platforms Are Taking Over Online Shopping

Like food and water is a necessity to people, social media and e-commerce is a must for every business. A business cannot survive in this world of high competition without a digital presence. With the number of users increasing at an unbelievable pace, social media has taken over traditional advertising and is flourishing everywhere. A digital marketing agency with expertise in this field is a must have for every business now.


A few years back, this wasn’t the case. Over the years, social media has grown from being an option to a compulsion. It is one of the leading factors to the success of products and services. With detailed targeting of advertisements, it is possible to reach the right type of people who are potential buyers.


When social media first started on the Internet, brands were figuring out how to use the platform for customer acquisition, using brand pages and social-only promo codes to help with this goal.

Many digital marketing companies in Mumbai helped various brands to gain some insight and knowledge on the importance of online shopping.


After that phase, came buyer retention, with customer service finding its way onto social media. According to a large number of consumers, customer service through social platforms has made it easier to get questions answered and issues resolved. The impact of social media on online shopping has been extremely high in the recent past.


Now, each major social platform offers various features to sell goods and services:

  • Facebook allows transactions via Messenger Payments.
  • Twitter offers the option of a “Buy Now” button in tweets, so you can purchase without leaving the app.
  • Instagram is integrated with Shopify.
  • Even Tumblr includes the option for a “buy” button.


Social Media Shop Now Strategy

Many online shopping social networking sites have been experimenting with Facebook and Instagram shopping. Facebook and Instagram in specific have grabbed this opportunity and created a massive impact through online buying and selling options. The social media shop now strategy on platforms like Facebook, with its easy and convenient usage procedure, makes online shopping a cake walk for customers. People using Facebook can pay for products using cards, or various other modes of payment.


Instagram too, has recently taken a massive step and introduced a convenient but different approach to shopping online. Shopping on Instagram gives your business an immersive storefront for people to explore your best products with a single click. With shopping on Instagram, you can choose photos you’d like to feature, tag up to five products per image or up to twenty products per carousel, add filters or captions and advertise the products in many creative ways.


A few brands have already tried out the brand new shopping feature of Instagram, and here are how they performed –

  1. Natori (Women’s fashion company): Increased Instagram traffic by 1,416%.
  2. Magnolia Boutique (Online fashion boutique): 20% increase in Instagram revenue.
  3. SpearmintLOVE (Clothing and accessory brand for children): Instagram traffic grew by 13%.
  4. Native Union (Phone accessories and electronic devices): Instagram traffic experienced a 2,666% increase.


These figures evidently show the scope of online shopping on social media and the power of the e-commerce industry. If you haven’t yet tried this out for your business, it’s surely worth a shot. Many social marketing agencies in Mumbai have strongly advised to include the shop now option in the marketing model of companies. With new shopping features rolling in on Facebook, Instagram and other digital channels, it seems likely that online shopping will become even more convenient and efficient in the coming years.

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