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15 Mar

360° videos – The New Way to go

The concept of communicating through videos has evolved over the years. The ways of storytelling have changed and even the methods of telling a story has changed with time. Brands use videos to communicate about their product to the general audience, videos make the message of the brand more interactive than ever before. A person can see, listen and in present times even interact with a video. One major development in interacting with these videos has been the concept of 360° videos, where a person can interact through the video and see the whole 360 degree view in a single video. Pretty cool right? You can see what is happening behind the subject and what is happening on the right and left as well.


Google had recently carried out a study to find the difference between performance of standard video Ads and 360° video Ads. Both the advertisements ended with a call to action. It was found out that the 360° videos had a lower view-through rate but had a higher click-through rate, along with more views, shares and subscribers. The full length 360° video had a higher view count than the standard full length video. Also people who viewed the 360° Ad were more active in sharing it by copying its URL. Even the 360° videos were more cost efficient than the standard videos.


360° videos have proven to be a great tool for marketing.


It is not only very engaging but can also be cost effective if the right video marketing strategy is implied. Video marketing for business has been on the rise as people have started to realize how effectively videos can be used to sway the audience. Although it is rare for a digital marketing company in India to come across clients demanding 360° video for advertising, but it surely will be different a couple of years from now. There is still a lot of scope for development in this field for digital marketing companies in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and other cities which have seen a rise in digital media.


As the whole 360° video buzz is spreading like wild fire, here are a list of things people want to see in a 360° video –

360 Degree Video Marketing
  1. Sports and Travel – 60%
  2. Live Entertainment – 55%
  3. Movies – 39%
  4. News and Documentaries – 31%
  5. Television Shows – 30%


Businesses have begun to realize the importance of 360° videos. Any top Internet marketing agency should be able to provide its client with the ability to create these videos. Some of the biggest brands in the market have started using 360° videos for their digital campaigns. Brands like Coca Cola, Nestle, P&G, HBO, Netflix and many others are actively using these and slowly making it a market trend. We are not far from the time when 360° videos will be a thing that all brands would be able to afford and use to their benefit. 360° videos will surely be a part of all major campaigns in the times to come, its importance cannot be underrated.

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