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16 Jun

2016 Internet Trends Report by Mary Meerker

Internet Trends Report 2016

Mary Meeker is an American venture capitalist and former Wall Street securities analyst. Her yearly Internet Trend Report have now become the most authoritative & awaited report of the year. It is the one of the quickest way to know the latest happening in tech.
The beauty of the report by Meeker’s is the prescient insights offered apart from the feast of facts on the state of the web.

So to begin with, one good pick specifically on India from the 2016 Internet Trend Report, while internet growth has been flat across the world, India is the only country with an exception of 43 per cent year-over-year growth.

According to the report, India now has 277 million Internet users, surpassing the US and second only to China. Despite this, just about 22 per cent of the Indian market is penetrated, offering scope for huge growth, particularly on mobile.

Few of the other Important Picks from the report.

  • Advertisers still spend way too much on print, radio and TV, and not enough on the web, especially mobile. Therefore, before everyone else starts spending on mobile, shift focus and nail the strategy in your industry
  • Ad blocking up by 94% YoY on mobile led by China and India, making it a pre-requisite for advertising to be more innovative, entertaining and less invasive
  • Hyper targeting combined with personalization from feedback data is way ahead for eCommerce
  • Millennial and Generation Z are not the same, here is the difference:
    • Millennial (born between 1980 -1995) are not just the age group they are different value system – you need them, so understand them
    • Generation Z (born after 1995) should be part of your core strategy, what’s been luxury for us is lifestyle to them
  • Video & Image with variations to keep users’ interest intact is the way forward, start adapting
  • We don’t communicate like before, nor should the brands. Messaging should be the most convenient and personalized form of communication, over and above calls, e-mails, etc
  • Search is about to be revolutionized, the way ahead is through voice search now
  • Automobile as an Industry is about to get a revolution, this time Digital
  • With so much data, cyber crime and hence, privacy is still at stake
  • Non-tech Giants (like General Motors, Whole food) will keep their position by investing in their tech successors, instead of building their way into digital

While, another Meeker report is a year from now, it’s time to start reflecting on what’s been presented in this report.

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