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8 Aug

Facebook’s ‘Shop’ Button. A Hit or a Miss?

A new addition to the Facebook, the most ubiquitous social media platform may completely transform the e-commerce business with the ‘Shop’ Button.

Facebook is planning to launch its new call-to-action button, the Shop button very soon. This feature will help the Facebook users discover and buy products on the platform immediately, without having to leave the Facebook page. For the Digital Marketers, this spells value addition to the marketing campaigns of businesses and assist in expeditious purchase decision.

While Facebook has already tied up with certain brands, it has not revealed their names yet.

Facebook will ensure all the payment related information is secure and safe, thereby making the purchase process convenient to customers’ shopping, through devices as small as smart phones also.

However, this is not the first time that Facebook has come up with the idea of letting brands showcase and sell their products on their site. According to the Business Insider, earlier in 2011, several brands like GameStop, Gap, etc. had their stores open on Facebook. But they closed it within a year’s time, as they realised that customers preferred shopping on their official sites, rather than shopping on Facebook.

Though just 4 years has passed, online shopping has changed for the better in leaps and bounds in this limited span. Businesses are more proactive online, while consumers are much aware and trusting. If Facebook decides to make the ‘Shop’ Button available now, this will be a great opportunity for businesses to not only increase their customer outreach and engagement, but also drive their sales on Facebook per se.

It would be something all digital marketers and brands should look forward to, and if this small yet possibly powerful feature succeeds this time, Facebook will witness an amazing shift in perception in the eyes or marketers and taken seriously. From being touted as an “engaging” platform to a “lead generation” one.

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