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7 Jun

Future of eCommerce Brands in the Age of Millennials

The face of eCommerce is being forced to adapt to the preferences of the hustling, multi-tasking, booming 30% of the world’s population: Millennials.

However, who are these Millennials? They are none other than the Generation Y people who are born between the years of 1980 & 2002.

Google predicts Indian eCommerce to grow to $15 billion by 2016. The future of ecommerce is quite strong, that is however, if brands continually adapt and grow with the Millennials.

Here are 4 of the biggest trends eCommerce brands should be looking ahead for to stay in the race.

Let them get attached

eCommerce is no exception to the attachment Millennials like to feel with their brands.

Millennials don’t physically walk into your store, that doesn’t mean they don’t feel the presence of a brand. Your webpage has an ambiance as well – use a layout to communicate a message.

Present your brand as credible, crucial to eCommerce and stay on the ball with current trends to connect personally with global consumers!

Use User Generated Content Innovatively

Content marketing is relevant to Millennials, just not in the traditional way. It’s rare to see Generation Y browsing through newspaper ads – in fact any ads because Millennials realize that companies use advertising to sell them something. They don’t like being a victim of that.

So, let them advertise for you. Use social media platforms to generate conversation. More than ½ of Millennials use social to share product and brand recommendations and 41% use social as their only way of sharing recommendations. In 2014 ecommerce orders coming from social media grew a staggering 20%!

eCommerce brands have the entire globe as a market – make sharing your brand easy!

  • Connect your webpage to social media sites.
  • Incentivize sharing content!
  • Allow Millennials to write reviews on products
  • Use content they generate as prime marketing material. Retweet their tweets – quote them!

Millennials are Philanthropists

89% of Millennials expressed a stronger likelihood that they would buy from companies that supported solutions to social issues.

As an eCommerce brand, you can Generate short content, perhaps a video that sends a clear message to what your cause is and allow it to penetrate through your consumers.

Start caring about things your customers are caring about if you want your customers to care about your eCommerce brand.

The Clock revolves are Me

Make them feel like it’s all about them. Give them these options:

  • Browse look books– make them want an outfit!
  • Create “outfits” and share them with others.
  • Allow customers to choose, shipping method (how fast?), packing style (gifts), in-store pick up option and convenient return option.

Tell them you know they’re busy. Get Mobile – 1/3 e-commerce sales are happening on mobile devices! Apps allow your eCommerce business to send push notifications.

This may mean you’ll have to invest in your eCRM software’s, and employees – but it’ll set you ahead of the curve from your eCommerce competitors.

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