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10 May

MOBILEGEDDON: The Talk of the Town!

We know, the only topic that must be bothering you right now would be Google’s new Update: The MOBILEGEDDON! Therefore, why not just answer all your questions regarding this new ‘Algorithm Change’, just the way you wanted.

You: What is this MobileGeddon, which every one is talking about? Will my website be affected by this?

Us: So it goes like this… Google has changed its Algorithm and has made it compulsory for every website to be ‘Mobile Responsive’. If the website is not mobile compatible, Google will end up throwing your website down on rankings and therefore will affect your SEO Rankings to a great extent. Therefore, now according to this update, Google makes it ‘Mandatory’ for every website to be Mobile Compatible & Responsive in nature.

You: All right. And what would be the Impact like?

Us: The impact would be simple & obvious. Companies without a good mobile website will suffer the most as users searching a keyword on their mobile will evidently see websites with good mobile experiences on the First Ranks while the ones which no mobile or poor mobile response will be pushed back.

You: Hmmm… And is this relevant to even Desktop Searches?

Us: No. This update only applies to searches made on through the Mobile. Not to worry, this does not impact the desktop search results. However, it would interest you that there are now more Google search queries on smartphones than on desktop computers and tablets. Therefore, if you’re still thinking of mobile as a secondary priority, your business online presence will start to suffer. In a recent official Google Ad Words blog, Google’s Jerry Dischler says, “The future of mobile is now”.

You: How do I measure if my Website has been affected or Not by this update?

Us: Well, You have us! Just drop us a Mail or Call us and let us undertake the Mobile Friendly Measure Test for your website. Simple?

You: All right then! And lastly, is there any so called Time Limit for this?

Us: We suggest that you should not wait for the rankings to change & then scream ‘Blue Murder’. This is mandatory anyways. So let your website undergo the Mobile Friendly Measure Test, at least once. To add to this, even if you think you have a mobile-friendly site, we would suggest you take the test today. It’s also better to be safe than sorry, right?


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