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1 Oct

Zomato’s ‘Primetime Yummies’ campaign on American television shows

Zomato does it again! After the success of Zomato’s previous campaign “Two Kinds of People in This World” the online restaurant guide has been endearing its audiences with quirky posts on the social networking site, Facebook with a new campaign called
“Primetime Yummies”.

Using the names of popular American television shows, Zomato has added ‘food factor’ to the titles — making them interesting yet catchy at the same time.

1. ‘Big Bang Theory’ AKA ‘the Lip Smack Theory’
The tweaked title of the American sitcom ‘The Big Bang Theory’ has become ‘The Lip Smack Theory’, perfectly describing the savory food items suggested in the guide.

2. ‘Desperate Housewives’ AKA ‘Desperate House Knives’
Named after American Comedy drama ‘Desperate Housewives’, Zomato illustrates the poster stating ‘Desperate House knives’.

After our analysis we found certain interesting insights about this campaign:

  • This campaign has created a lot of buzz in the US. However, Zomato doesn’t offer their service in the US as yet. Therefore, this campaign can act as a Brand Awareness builder to tap the US audience.


  • The essence of the brand i.e. What the Brand offers? is not effectively conveyed throughout the campaign. Just by adding their Zomato motto “Discover great places to eat around you” the positioning could have been enhanced & a recall value of the brand could have been initiated.
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