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27 Nov

Amazon Advertising Tactics – You should know!

“Amazon Advertising” (formerly Amazon Marketing Services, or AMS), was launched by Amazon in 2018 as a search advertising solution for Amazon vendors. Similar to pay-per-click advertising on Google, when shoppers click on ads, sellers just pay. AMS is rising swiftly. In fact, ad revenues from Amazon are expected to amount to 12.75 billion in 2020, with an impressive growth of 23 % since 2019. A brand who wishes to have a presence on Amazon should consider AMS. With the right Amazon Advertising Strategy, a brand or rather an e-commerce brand can gain high-profits.

Read on to learn how to advertise on the leading e-commerce platform in 2020.

    1. Determine your objectives
      Amazon helps you to match your targets with your objectives, whether you want to generate further sales or raise brand recognition. Amazon divides its product page up into “Objectives” if it’s easiest for you to figure out which Amazon ad product works best for you depending on your goals.
    2. Choose the right products to advertise
      You get the best opportunity to turn clicks into sales by advertising the most famous items. You should also make sure that these items are in stock and competitively priced. Alternatively, maybe you have a new product or service that you want to raise awareness about.
    3. Craft pages with clear, concise and compelling product descriptions
      Amazon ads will encourage shoppers to visit your product detail pages, but what will eventually turn those shoppers into customers is the product detail page. Consider providing correct and descriptive names, high-quality pictures, and appropriate and useful product details (Amazon Search Engine Optimized) to craft a compelling product description page.
    4. Choose the placement of your ads
      Within its full advertisement suite, Amazon provides a range of items, such as voice ads to view across Alexa-enabled devices, video ads to watch on Fire TV or Amazon-exclusive sites such as IMBD, or display ads to draw Amazon users to your brand. With the right placement, your brand can find the highest ROI on Amazon DSP.
  1. Check out Sponsored brands vs Sponsored products
    Any of the products or services can be shown in an endorsed brand post, which is ultimately best suited for businesses looking to raise brand awareness around an entire product line.
    Alternatively, an Amazon sponsored product ad is a cost-per-click (CPC) ad that promotes Amazon listings of individual products. If you are hoping to drive sales of a particular product or want to reach a niche audience
  2. Use category-specific targeting
    In order to present the products alongside top-rated products or even alongside tangentially-related products, Amazon provides advanced targeting features. You can display advertisements to shoppers who have shown interest in other items within your industry by using Product Attribute Targeting.
    This sophisticated targeting capability enables you to optimise the performance of your ads. It also helps you, with a high-intent audience, to increase brand awareness.
  3. Take advantage of negative keywords to save your budget
    To avoid serving your ad to people who won’t convert, it’s important to avoid wasting ad spend by using negative keywords or keywords for which you don’t want to appear.

Amazon is now one of the leading platforms to advertise an eCommerce brand. Amazon is now a huge part of Digital Marketing. Having said that, many digital marketing agencies have now started offering Amazon Marketing Strategy that includes ‘Amazon SEO & Ads’ as a prime service. If you’re an eCommerce brand, waste no more time and gain the highest ROI’s.

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